South Verussi

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Overview[edit | edit source]

South Verussi was a grand city one owned and built by the Polynesian Empire under supervision of KingRS. After the fall of the Polynesian Empire, it briefly became the capital of the Verussian Empire, before being ultimately raided by pirates, and destroyed.

It is currently a ruin located toward the south of the world, along the old border.

Location[edit | edit source]

South Verussi is located south east of the Cove. It was originally along the old world border, before it was expanded. It is built upon a desert and savannah biome.

History[edit | edit source]

Not many documents remain from South Verussi as many of them were destroyed in the siege, or lost in the archives.

South Verussi started as a small settlement governed by KingRS under the rule of the Polynesian Empire. It quickly grew, and attracted many residents. However it also attracted the attention of many pirate groups. When the Polynesian Empire fell, it became the capital of the new Verussian Empire. By now, it had become a city with many houses and ships.

But shortly after, pirates believed to be from the 0utlaws attacked the city and raided it. The Pirates burned or sunk the ships outside of the city walls. At first they struggled to get through the strong walls, using mortars and to destroy houses from the outside, but after 3 days of continued fire, the walls fell and so begun the end of South Verussi. Houses were burned or blown up, the castle has heavily bombarded, and any remaining structures were pulled down and demolished.

Today, almost 2 years after the siege, South Verussi still stands as a ruin, albeit in a bad condition. Locals who lived near the city looted the city for spare parts following its fall. The ships still lie at the bottom of the docks.

Details[edit | edit source]

These features coincide from when South Verussi was still standing. Features

  • Around 20 houses (some still exist)
  • A castle and fort (severely damaged)
  • Docks with space for several large and small ships
  • Strong stone walls (foundations remain to this day)
  • Several ships or varying size and a few submarines