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Joined the server in *please add*, and began the crew Seawolves with his friends.

After a while, he was one of the few of his friends still active, and when approached by Palmerageddon, agreed to join his crew at the time known as the Iborian Empire. He was given the 'rank' of Admiral and Shipwright of the Iborian Empire, after Palmerageddon was throughly impressed in his ship building skills and naval tactics as well as experience he'd gained from holding mock battles with his friends, in which most often he won.

Hewwy is also well known in the crew for his is 'builder status' skills, in which he can create asthetically pleasing builds, which also are still very functional.

He has now been integrated into the crew The Xanthian Order after, the Iborian Empire, Luteus Republic, Xenon Empire and Templar crews merged, he carried over his ranks from his previous crew, but still flashes his Iborian citizenship on the forums where he takes part in discussions often ship or naval themed.