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while looking around for a way to find out how much xp I needed to save up to rank from carpenter to gunner I came across this nifty little calculator.

XP Calculator

Once you input your numbers at the top it tells you how many orbs of xp needed to reach your desired level. It also tells you how many mobs you need to kill or blocks you need to mine to get there. Just divide the number of orbs needed by 19 and that’s how many bottles you need. Then divide the number of bottles needed by 64 and that’s how many stacks you need.

  • Starting at 0 xp
  • 60 lvl’s = 6 stacks xp bottles (sailor to carpenter)
  • 80 lvl’s = 14 stacks xp bottles (carpenter to gunner)
  • 100 lvl’s = 24 stacks of xp bottles (gunner to boatswain)

you can also use the command /bottle until (insert desired level of xp) Example you want to know how many bottles you need to reach level 60 of xp it would look like this

/bottle until 60

You would then take the number and divide by 19 to see how many stacks of xp bottles you need to reach your goal from your current xp level.

Here's a quick reference guide with all the update xp information


I also ran across this Enchantment calculator that tells you what level gives the highest probability for different enchants. I can hear you thinking that you only get the option at the table of 2, 15, and 30. Sure that's what you need to purchase the enchant but its all about what you initially come to the table with.

You may notice there is a higher chance of a certain enchant at say lvl 26 but the game says you have to have lvl 30 to enchant.

Here's how it works: when at the lvl the calculator suggests (in this example 26 for silk touch on a diamond pickaxe) you go to the enchantment table and place the item and lapis in the slots. Then check the available enchants. If luck and the algorithm is on your side you will see the desired enchantment. Simply go out of the enchantment table interface bring your xp lvl up to 30 and reopen the table and enchant.The table will remember the enchantments it originally set for the item. If the enchanting gods did not smile on you and you didn't get what you wanted IE the silk touch, simply block a couple of bookcases with a torch. buy an cheap enchant on a disposable item to reset the table, break the torches, and try again. You will still have to have 30 to purchase the enchant.

It may or may not be useful but hey you can never have enough calculator’s right.

Enchantment Calculator

If you know of other calculators or tools that can be useful to build stratagies in game post them here


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