Ranking Up for Dummies

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Ranking up is takes you from the flea ridden, discarded, disposable, laughable Deckie, to the badass Admiral (if you somehow transfer your soul into GodsDead, in which case you've earnt it) or just QuarterMaster if your not Staff material.

TO look at your rank up requirements, and to see whether you have completed said requirements, do /rank up to bring up this menu in-game. Please do not make us non-deckies have to explain it to you, once you know how to access /rank up , you are officially enlightened.


Requirements Playtime Blocks Broken Blocks Placed Blocks Walked Blocks Sailed Exp Gained Approx Time: Leftover Time:  


Cadet   10 hours (0.4 day) 5000 blocks / 732.9 aph = 6.8 hours or 408 minutes X 5000 blocks / 258 bpm =19 minutes or 0.3 hours

X X 7.1 hours 2.9 hours 10
Sailor   24 hours (1 day) -10,000 blocks -+5,000 blocks = 6.8 hours or 408 minutes X X 8.0 bps * 60 = 480 bpm

10,000 blocks / 480 bpm = 20.3 minutes or 0.3 hours

X 7.1 hours

24-10= 14 - 7.1 = 6.9 hours 24
Carpenter   72 hours (3 days) 700 Oak

500 Acacia/Dark Oak

Iron Axe 0.5 seconds

700/0.5 = 350 seconds or approx 5 minutes

500/0.5 = 250 seconds or approx 4 minutes

0.1 hours or 10 minutes approx

10,000 blocks placed = 10,000 actions = 13.6 hours X   60 Exp =
24- 72
Gunner 5000 = 6.8

10000 = 13.6

20000 = 27.2

168 hours (7 days) -30,000 blocks broken - +20,000 blocks = 13.6 hours -30,000 blocks placed - +20,000 blocks = 27.2 hours X  

Boatswain   360 hours (15 days)     100,000 blocks / 15,480 bph = 6.459 hours or 387.54 minutes          
720 hours (30 days)

5,000,000 blocks / 15,480 bph = 322.997 hours or19,379.82 minutes  

1440 hours (60 days)

2,000,000 blocks / 15,480 bph = 129.198 hours or7751.88 minutes  

1440 hours

458.954 hours 0.3 hours



Rank Abilities

-Deckhand -Ability to sail dhow class movecraft ships -Destroy & Place blocks outside of server/player claims -Ability to claim using a gold shovel -/kit bible (guide) -/sethome & one /home -/msg & /r to reply (let me stress /r is so useful, use it please) -/mail to summon virtual Postman Pat -/spawn to go back where it all began -/warps to go places -/help so we don't have to -/rules so you look stupid when you make your unban request -/ignore to ignore haters -/balance to know your economics -/stats to know your statistics -/afk to do when you cry about your bad economics and statistics -/compass (current bearing) -/getpos (coordinates) -/depth (depth related to sea-level)

-Cadet -gain /release to let your ship go if you love her and /manoverboard if your clumsy enough to fall off her -load premade cannons -build rusty carronades to fire cobblestone shrapnel shots at boats

-Sailor -Ability to sail schooner class movecraft ships -/tpa to slide into their coords -/manwhois to stalk and discover people's details

-Carpenter -/tpahere to summon your mate -/balancetop to see the millionaires online -/me to piss people off -make [mail] signs if you ever use that

-Gunner -You get ANOTHER home, go put it somewhere good like in someone's base (jk) -You can make big cannons to yeet your enemies to smithereens, they also make nice ornaments on your fort -Load a fine selection of cannon shots.

-Boatswain -2 homes is a party, 3 HOMES ARE A CROWD.

-Firstmate -Looks like you get nothing

-Quartermaster -Same :/

Rank RANKUP Rewards

-Deckhand -zilch.

-Cadet -1 compass, 1 golden hoe, 1 set of shears.

-Sailor -200 wood, 2 signs, 32 wool, 1 gold hoe.

-Carpenter -32 creeper eggs, 32 enderpearls, 1 brewing stand, 1 diamond axe, 64 Logs of assorted wood.

-Gunner -64 firecharges, 6 black wool for 2 cannons, 2 torches, 2 stone buttons, 64 cobblestone, 64 gunpowder, 64 TNT, 1 Flint & Steel.

-Boatswain -2 diamond blocks -beacon.

-Firstmate -1 time use /kit firstmate_rankup = 1x Aqua Shulker box, Diamond Sword (Sharpness 2, looting 3, sweeping 1, unbreaking 1), Gold helmet (protection 2, respiration 1, unbreaking 2), Gold chestplate (protection 2, unbreaking 1), Gold leggings (protection 1, unbreaking 1), Gold boots (protection 1, unbreaking 1, feather falling 3, depth strider 1) -global 5 hour, 2.5 exp boost.

-Quartermaster -1 time use /kit quartermaster_rankup = x3 Red Shulker Boxes, Diamond Sword (3 sharpness, 2 looting, 2 sweeping, 3 unbreaking), Chainmail helmet (protection 2, respiration 2, unbreaking 2), Chainmail chestplate (protection 3, unbreaking 2), Chainmail Leggings (protection 3, unbreaking 2), Chainmail boots (protection 2, unbreaking 2, feather falling 3, depth strider 1) -global 12 hour 2.5 exp boost

Rank Kits

Do /kits to reveal your list of kits which become unlocked as you rank up, doing /kit (said rank) to get the kit.


-Deckhand -/kit deckhand gives you rotten flesh, its a deckhand delicacy.

-Cadet -/kit cadet gives you a cooked salmon lunch, bit more flashy than deckie lunch.

-Sailor -/kit sailor gives you a fishing kit, turning you into Robson Green. with your own fishing boat, rod and gree- red shirt... ok.

-Carpenter -/kit sailor gives you protective carpenter wear, a heavy duty leather cap, and in case you've got incredibly buttery fingers, some protective chain mail boots.

-Gunner -/kit gunner gives you an iron crotch, 25 ounces of the fine-est cocaine-free gunpowder, 20 pointing arrows and a bow. No guns I'm afraid, we've brought in gun control laws, the damn liberals disarming the population.

-Boatswain -/kit boatswain gives you 2 teleport balls, a Grandma's freshly cooked pumpkin pie, a lead to yank your dog or quadruped friend around with, 2 Chinese boom sticks and a iron helmet, get this, it gives you respiration 2 + aqua affinity 2 due to the magical bonding properties of FLEX TAPE! Flex Tape do not endorse this or endorse eating the tape.

-Firstmate -/kit firstmate gives you a hearty mug soup, a compass so you can never get loss (*awwww*) and two depth strider boots in case you want to try recreate that scene from the first Pirates of the Caribbean film when Jack + Will walk along the seabed.

-Quartermaster -/kit quartermaster gives you a book and quill to write about your PirateCraft adventures you've had from your 60 days of well spent playtime on the server, and a power 2 speed potion which doesn't give you wiiings.