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Affiliation(s): Xenia
Homeport(s): Port of Xenia
Builder: Maximus_Terragon
Constructed: Early 2016
Planned: 2
Completed: 1
Battles: Fall of the Templar Order

Defence of Xediaz's Palace

General Characteristics
Class: Taurus-class frigate
Ship Type: Galleon
Cannons: 20
Purpose: Naval, Scouting

The Taurus class of ship is a small frigate in the Xenian Navy. The original ship, now known as XNS Templar, was built as a schooner-rigged trading vessel, later converted to hold 4 small cannon under the crew Templars. It took part in the defense of the Templar fortress but was captured by British troops. It was sailed westward but was intercepted by Templar troops on the way, receiving heavy damage. It sank in shallow waters off the coast of warp west.

It was raised and restored under the supervision of The Xanthian Order, to become a trading vessel, but it was eventually decided to convert it fully into a 20-gun frigate, and it was sailed to Xenia for its rebuild. It is the second oldest vessel and only foreign built ship in the Xenian Navy, although heavily modified.

Plans have been drawn up to build new vessels for both the navy and commercial use due to its successful design.

Ships in class

Xenian Navy:

  • XNS Templar, 20-gun frigate (schooner rigged)
  • XNS Taurus (planned)
  • Up to 3 further planned trading ships based off the design