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This page has been created to help build and test Templates that have been created/imported.

Player Infobox[edit | edit source]

Player template: Template:Infobox

Copy the code below into a page to use, change as required.

It is vital that you use the UUID with hyphens in to populate the correct URL for stats and your skin.

|title = GodsDead
|uuid = 93e8b4dc-672b-41c6-bb75-e68960d60184
|joined = Sep 2012
|rank = Admiral
|crew = [[Cove]]
|history = GodsDead

UUID 93e8b4dc-672b-41c6-bb75-e68960d60184
Player stats GodsDead Stats Page
Joined Sep 2012
Rank Admiral
Crew Cove
Settlement {{{settlement}}}
History GodsDead
Punishments GodsDead Punishments
Website Profile GodsDead Website Profile