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How it works

/wiki shipbattle info

When do they happen?

The official server ship battles happen roughly every 1-2 months.

1 week before the battle, a forum post and server announcement will be made.

/warp event will be set inside the arena for people to build their ships.

The battles normally happen Saturday evenings, at 8pm GMT (3pm EST), and last an hour.

How long does it last?

The battle will last 1 hour, plus 10 minutes if there is a draw.

  • 10 minute preparation period so all ships are ready
  • 20 minutes of fighting
  • 10 minute break to replenish resources and make hasty repairs
  • 20 minutes of fighting
  • End of fighting. If several ships are still left, 10 extra minutes of 'sudden death'
  • Winner is announced

What are the rules?

A list of battle and building rules can be found at: /wiki shipbattles rules

Breaking the rules will result in disqualification and/or being jailed.

This is an official server event, ruining it will be punished.

How do I get a ship?

Please visit the rule book for ship building rules: /wiki shipbattle rules

You have 4 options: 1. Build a ship at the arena - You will be given a plot to build 2. Sail a ship to the arena - Your ship will be admin claimed 3. Borrow a ship - Maximus can spawn in a ship for you for free. More info below 4. Duplicate an existing ship - This is a last-resort and can only be done by Godsdead. Do not rely on this.

If a ship is spawned in, you may modify it as you please. It must not leave the arena. We can supply a Brig, Galleon, or Indiaman. These ships have been purpose-built for the ship battles, and are fully stocked. This service is free.

How do I enter a ship and crew?

Just turn up in time for the battle, no need to sign up. Late entrants will not be able to participate, however you may join another crew if your ship is sunk or if you're late. Please ask the captains of the ships first.

What about the Arena?

You can get to the arena with /warp event before a battle. It is located at x: y:100 z:

PvP is OFF before the battle, so people can build.

The arena has a water depth of roughly 10 blocks. There are some rocks near the edges of the arena for smaller ships to seek cover.

Spectators have their own separate area to view the battle from. Spectators are advised to stay in this area.

There is a small shop that sells resources for the battle.

How do you win?

The winner is the last ship that is able to sail, when all other ships are out.

You are 'out' if:

  • Your ship sinks
  • Your ship can no longer move
  • The crew abandons the ship
  • The captain surrenders
  • Or if you are disqualified

If your ship has not moved in a few minutes and looks heavily damaged, you will be given 3 minutes to get it moving or risk being disqualified.

If several ships can still fight after 1 hour, then there will be a 10 minute period of 'sudden-death'. If you are killed during this time, you may not return to your ship. The ship with the most remaining crew wins.

Is there a prize?

Yes. The prizes are handed to the captain of the ship, for them to divide it among the crew as they wish.

1st Place - 10 Gold blocks + Trophy head

2nd - 5 Gold blocks + Trophy head

3rd - 3 Gold blocks + Trophy head


The ship battles test your ability to use ships, aim and use cannons, and work in a team. A small, well organized crew in a small ship can easily win against a large, unorganized crew in a big ship.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here: /wiki shipbattle faq Or here shipbattle faq