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Ship Battle Rulebook

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Contents: Page 2-3: General Rules Page 4-6: Ship Building Rules Page 7: Cannons and Equipment

Battle Rules

1. NO BOARDING - stay on your ship 2. NO TNT - that includes tnt projectiles and end crystals 3. COBBLESTONE and MELON SEED projectiles only 4. NO OBSIDIAN or STONE BRICK - use terracotta as armour 5. SPECTATORS: Stay in the spectator area or you may be shot

You may respawn and tp back to your ship.

Ship building rules

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1. NO OBSIDIAN or STONE BRICK - use terracotta as armour please. Rule of thumb: any blocks with blast resistance of 30 or higher 2. NO DOUBLE-CANNONS 3. Any size of ship is allowed 4. They must be ships; boxes and towers are not allowed 5. Cannons may not be above y:80, and players may not be above y:100


1. Add a bed somewhere on your ship as a respawn point 2. Add a few supply chests with spare wool, wood, terracotta, and gunpowder 3. Don't rely too heavily on auto-cannons, the redstone breaks easily 4. 2-3 layers of terracotta offer the best protection 5. Use as much terracotta as you can around the cannons and deck. Don't bother adding much armour to the rest of the ship

Weapon/Cannon rules

1. No double-cannons 2. Cobblestone and Melon Seed projectiles only 3. All types of armour/weapons/potions are allowed - use at your own risk 4. Don't use anything you can't afford to lose 5. No enderpearls or chorus fruit