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Frequently asked questions Detailed info under: /wiki shipbattle info List of rules under: /wiki shipbattle rules

Is PvP on? When /warp arena is set, PvP will be OFF everywhere so people can build. When the battle starts, PvP will be ON inside the arena, but remain OFF in the spectator area.

Can I kill at the warp? No, PvP will be off in most areas. But you are free to kill anyone who wanders outside the PvP free zone. During the battle, spectators are forbidden from attacking ships or participants.

Can I board ships? Leaving your ship is not allowed. The ship battles are a test of skill with cannons and ships, not PvP.

Can I ram a ship? No, not really. If two ships become connected, a staff member will separate the ships.

Can I use a bow? Yes! Make sure you stock up on arrows. Don't take your best bow, you are likely to lose it.

Is there a crew size limit? No, not officially. We recommend crew sizes of 3-4 per ship. Too many players will make for a more disorganized ship.

Can I teamup with another ship? No, teaming is forbidden. It wouldn't be fair to have a team of 3 ships against 1. If you are found to be teaming, you will be disqualified.

Can I go solo? Yes, if you want a challenge. Remember that you are at a disadvantage.

Can join a crew mid-battle? Yes, but please check with the captain of the ship first. You may not join a ship during the 'sudden death' phase.

Can my ship join mid-battle? No, your ship must be ready when the battle starts. It would be unfair otherwise.

Can just run away all the time? Yep, by all means use hit-and-run tactics. Just remember that the arena is a circle, so you may run out of room.

Is there a min/max ship size? There are no limits to ship size. Make your ship as big or as small as you want. Remember that smaller ships are more manuverable and can hide behind the rocks for cover.

Will I lose my stuff if I die? Yes probably. Don't take stuff with you that you can't afford to lose. Staff won't replace items.

Why are double-cannons not allowed? In previous battles, they were shown to be a little too strong. To stop ships being destroyed in seconds, they are forbidden.

Can I make a plane? Eh, its called a ship battle for a reason. If your craft is too tall (y-level >100), it will be not allowed to participate.

Can I respawn? Yes. You are free to tp back onto your ship with /back or teleport. When the battle enters 'sudden-death, you will not be allowed to return to your ship.

Can I repair my ship during the battle? Yep, we even encourage it. Make sure to /release the ship and re-pilot it when you finish.

Is gunpowder provided? Yes, each ship will be given a chest of gunpowder before the battle. If you want more, you'll need to supply your own.

Is spawn killing allowed? Spamming a ship with cannons until all its crew are dead is allowed. If the crew can no longer fight back, you will be out.

Are submarines allowed? That will vary depending on the battle. Unless otherwise stated, no they are not allowed.