Second Server Road Project

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Not to be confused with the Server Road Project


Following the modernization of the Oceanic Regions page, the 1,17 update for PMC being underway, and planned edits to make the wiki more up to date, DeDerpyDerp_ decided that, with small talks of possibly limiting teleporting, the server doesn't have much infrastructure for movement besides teleporting. To qoute [[DeDerpyDerp]_]:

"I mean, after I updated the Oceanic Regions page, and planned to do many other wiki edits to help 'modernize' the wiki, I also thought up how to finish a road network from my port, Port Potato, and Mithlond. I mean if I'd steal their railroad idea, why not the road network? The area my port is built on has very visible road network that connect to a few... probably abandoned bases by now (including Mithlond); why not connect to it? So I started that. And after over half a month of waiting for the server to be back, I have decided why stop at connecting to Mithlond? /Warp East isn't that far away. Well it is, but a good start. Connect some major bases on the landmass Port Potato is on."

And why stop there? [EDIT: Because I temp quit for 6 months and got to lazy to do this]

Planned Stages

Rome wasn't built in a day, and this isn't planned to be either

Stage 1

"Port Potato's Road Networks"

Connect Port Potato to the West to Mithlond's roads; then East to a junction with possibly a small tavern or something to head either North twords /Warp East and The Citadel; and south across that canal to *insert coastal city name here*. This would include making Port Potato into a minor hub, fit with a stable and a decent Inn, including making a upgraded road to show the main path through (Southern) Port Potato, including across her canal.

Stage 2

Connect the now connected Port Potato through the mountain East of her to the sandstone city south of her, and to the castle nearby Port Potato. Then, start making the path all the way to /warp east.

End Goal

The End goal of this project is to connect the /Warp Shops, the 4 Main Warps (Warp North, East, South, and West), along with many major cities/ports along the way. This would include retractable bridges across many canals.