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Sacrifice is a small, 8-gun, single-masted sloop built and maintained by the sailor, shipwright and architect Hewwy.


Sacrifice was originally a 6-gun sloop built for the sole purpose of mock ship battles with the inept, drunken sailor Jimmykewlguy2. After emerging victor in 3 of these skirmishes, and coming out of two of those completely unscathed, Hewwy grew attached to the vessel.

This is what prompted Hewwy to repair and re-outfit the ship, replacing her mast, repairing her hull and guns, and repainting the hull.

In May 2016, Sacrifice sailed for the Iborian Empire's capital, New Faythe, situated in the Southern Mesa, for the purpose of assisting Palmerageddon.


  • Sacrifice has one course sail, a jib, and a jib topsail. She is capable of sailing at a speed of around 10 knots, and is capable of swift escapes.
  • Sacrifice is equipped with 8 carronades; three per broadside, and two stern chasers positioned close to the helm.
  • Sacrifice's three-gun broadside, under the right conditions, can be devastating despite the small amount of cannon.