The Narwhal Syndicate

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The Narwhal Syndicate
NRWHL Banner.png
Banner of the Narwhal Syndicate
Date Formed: March 3, 2022
Crew Tag: NRWHL
Leader: Astrobolt
Members: Azuries, Lawzoneon, Zee_King_Bee

The Narwhal Syndicate is the server's foremost authority on ships of war and redstone engineering. Currently in its fourth iteration, NRWHL stands firmly as one of the most prominent crews on PirateCraft, controlling significant territory and enjoying unrivalled naval superiority with both the modern iterations of the Phantom Narwhal, which remains the single-most successful ship in the history of PirateCraft's organized ship battles, and NRWHL's increasing fleet of powerful sailing warships.

NRWHL's ongoing, long-term missions focus primarily on continued development of the Phantom Narwhal and ensuring the long-term security of crew members' bases.


Notable Projects[edit | edit source]

Phantom Narwhal[edit | edit source]

Originally developed while Astrobolt was in Phantom, the Phantom Narwhal's continued development is now the responsibility of the Narwhal Syndicate and AstroTech R&D. While under NRWHL's development, the Phantom Narwhal has taken on a sleeker, stronger, more war-like design. As necessary to maintain NRWHL's naval superiority, the design has added significantly more armor and firepower while maintaining a sleek, streamlined design. These improvements have allowed it to easily outperform even the strongest Galleon, Manowar, and Indiaman class ships, as proven in the various ship battles it has taken part in.

Mesa Basa[edit | edit source]

In cooperation with AstroTech R&D, NRWHL is responsible for the continued maintenance and development of Astrobolt's main base, Mesa Basa. Since Astrobolt's unban in February 2022, the base has undergone major renovations, completely redesigning all aspects of the redstone systems. The item sorter, one of PirateCraft's most prolific, was fully replaced with a new, updated design allowing for better efficiency and various failsafe mechanisms. The security system was also overhauled, ensuring Mesa Basa's continued safety and security with a fully custom design incorporating several different fallback technologies. The base has also undergone other renovations ensuring its ability to function as a hub for logistical and operational activity for both NRWHL and AstroTech R&D.

Sailing Warships[edit | edit source]