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The last known survivor of the Aztyam People and currently the Leader of the crew Brotherhood of Steel.

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in-game skin
Joined: December 2015
Rank: Firstmate
Crew: Brotherhood of Steel
Position: Lord Commander

Early Life

Enslaved at young age by the men who destroy his homeland and kill his parents, live a rough life until the ship where he was being translated to a new owner got attacked until sunk. Being this his only oportunity of freedom, but barely surviving until found starving. Beeing helped by Crandice the old Leader of BoS, raised him and thought him the ways of the Brotherhood.

Rediscovered Bloodline

One day in a trading trip for the crew, he found some ruins at the South Ocean making him remember who he was. Determined he starts restauring his birth home to its true glory, but being thankful to his old leader he remained in the Crew.