Bunker of Flowers

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The Bunker of Flowers
Tulipss and death.png
The Bunker of Flowers, taken 1/4/2022
Crew Affiliations: Hydra
Owner: Tulipss
Founded: "Sometime in December 2019"
Type: Base/Outpost
Status: Active
Population: 1 Active
Location: Polaric Sea
Coordinates: Around -6250, 64, -8520
Total Territory Claimed: Estimated 20,000-30,000 currently
Page Last Edited: 1/4/2022




This base was started December 2019; but most work started in February the following year, after the planning faze. Originally to be called "House of Wolves", the design slowly shifted more and more into a bunker; hence the "Bunker of Flowers" was born. The bunker of flowers was then divided into Eras'Bold text'


"Bunker of Flowers MARK I" (Fig 1); *insert brief history here*

Rome Era

"Bunker of Flowers MARK II" (Fig 2); *insert brief history here*

Major Battle

October, 2020. *info added later* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4jXYm3EezA "sadly not all of it got recorded this fight was also right in that small era of me transitioning my base to look more hydra and close to the end of rome" EDIT THIS LATER

____ Era

Planned additions

As quoted from Tulipss: "(The) future plan is the Hydra super skyscraper, which will be located south of the bunker, and another future plan is a new base gonna be called Hydrarian II; which will be west of it. Another future plan is the "Hanger of illusions" which will be a the biggest Building Piratecraft has ever seen; southeast of it.


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Fig 0, Map as of 1/4/2022
Fig 1, the CSN Era

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