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PirateCraft_1, PirateCraft's main survival world

PirateCraft worlds

PirateCraft has three minecraft worlds that are all set to hard. These worlds are classed as the second version of PirateCraft

World Name Type Difficulty Radius Creation Date
PirateCraft_1 Survival Mainworld Hard 14000 February 16, 2014
PirateCraft_1_nether Survival Nether Hard 5000 February 16, 2014
PirateCraft_1_the_end Survival The End Hard 2000 February 16, 2014

Worlds History

PirateCraft version 1 had a different set of worlds that got reset when we moved to Minecraft 1.7.4, these worlds are no longer active but still exist as backups, you can read more at the History of PirateCraft.

World Name Type Difficulty Radius Creation Date
PirateCraft_0 Survival Mainworld Hard 15000 September 27, 2012
PirateCraft_0_nether Survival Nether Hard n/a September 27, 2012
PirateCraft_0_the_end Survival The End Hard n/a September 27, 2012