The New Roman Republic

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About[edit | edit source]

The New Roman Republic gives new, old, or even current players a chance to strive for a better life in the harsh unforgiving world of Pirate Craft. we give New players a kit upon joining, they also receive a rented living space. Here at The New Roman Republic we give members opportunities of gaining a high paying job or a place in our navy. Our 4 High_Capal's who run the government and provide our members the luxury they desire Will make sure you feel right at home upon joining.

Government[edit | edit source]

The New Roman Republic Government is divided in 4 sections for the 4 High_Capals to Monitor and control.

Leader's are Organized from Position And power[edit | edit source]

-Commander_Asher [High_Capal of Military and Conquest] -Cosmickingjoel [High_Capal of Construction and Modernization] -GamerBoyMarcos [High_Capal of Economy and Trade] -LogoTRT [High_Capal of Engeneering and Technology]

Global Roman Conflict[edit | edit source]

From long before, Isen and the TNRR were never on complete good terms. This all came to a head when TNRR formally accused Isen as conflicting with TNRR's expansion goals. Isen was formally brought to trial at the Imperial Palace in TNRR's capital of Verace and an agreement was made but to no avail, when Isen brought it's allies and formally declared war to the TNRR. The Roman Conflict dragged out for many months and many crews were brought including TAS, loners, and TRT. Long after, the TNRR finally surrenders to the coalition of endless crews that had declared war on TNRR, the conditional surrender was not enforced when multiple crews decided not to honor the agreement, thus the TNRR declared the agreement null and void. TAS remained the last crew to pursue hostilities against the TNRR until a ceasefire was declared.

Fall of the TNRR[edit | edit source]

TNRR had been overall prosperous. However, LogoTRT and CosmicKingJoel(who was the de-facto sole leader of TNRR) did not get along well. This led to LogoTRT declaring independence and forming his own crew of TRT(The Redstonian Legion). At the same time, CosmicKingJoel began to treat Real_Creeper and turseturtle badly. Real_Creeper for various reasons and turseturtle because he wanted to build a personal city. Eventually the two players decided began to plot to secede. CosmicKingJoel temporarily stopped the secession by promising to treat them better. However, he soon returned to his previous behavior and so turseturtle and Real_Creeper seceded and formed the crew of TPE(The Pheonix Empire). The war that ensued is known as the war for independence. TPE and TRT allied and also found many allies in the old enemies of TNRR as well as in turseturtle's friends. Further compounding this issue was that TNRR did various things which drew the ire of TAS and FSKN. They also raised Fort Turtle which was the capital of the numerous times and spawn killed the players there. This led to TNRR becoming hated by the community. The HMS Queen Mary II was also damaged at the First Battle of Aire. Real_Creeper later switched sides and rejoined TNRR although this had a very minor impact on the war. The coaltion which had now formed launched nightly bombing raids led by turseturtle on the streets of Verace (which were unclaimed) nightly which put massive pressure on TNRR. They also flooded Aire (which was also unclaimed) which caused significant damage. Eventually, TNRR sued for peace where they agreed to pay thousands of dollars in reparations. Afterwards, there was also a coup d'etat led by GingfulGlider where CosmicKingJoel's palace was stormed. These events led to a portion of TNRR spliting into two new crews: the Eternal Sith Empire and Oceania. The remaining remenant of the TNRR was left a fallen Empire. The TNRR finally dissolved and merged with the reincarnated SPQR.