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Bowrilla is a player who is well known for their questioning and search for answers in PirateCraft, having a left leaning ideology after embracing the [[Colrainism]] preached by [[Ultracreeper]], which follows the ideas of all being equal on the server.
Bowrilla is a player who is well known for their questioning and search for answers in PirateCraft, having a left leaning ideology after embracing the [[Colrainism]] preached by [[Ultracreeper]], which follows the ideas of all being equal on the server.
=== Autobiography ===
I currently reside in GUCS (Grand Union of Colrainist States) helping wherever I can.
'''When I first joined Pirate Craft...'''
When I first joined Pirate Craft, I was lost, I had no idea what any of it meant, but I loved the way the mechanics worked and it looked pretty cool. Little did I know it was barely scratching the surface on the vast fields of knowledge and history this server possesses...I learned much of it in the next few days, and after asking if I could get some work, a person named "Yolo" invited me to a Crew named [[Scurvy Dogs]]. Yolo showed me around the place and told me where I could build, so I built a small house, which ended up having to be taken down and replaced with a stone block due to wood being siegable, but while I was replacing the wood with stone, I looked in my chest one day, and out of the corner of my eye I saw an arrow shoot and miss my head by mere inches. I knew at that moment I was under attack. I also knew there was very little chance I could defend my property with so little gear and time. I peeped over the wall only to be sniped in the face, with an arrow in my face I didn't have much time before they came over the wall and finished the job. But I got one final look before they did, a username above enchanted diamond armour and an arrow pointed at my head. It read: "Ortin77live". When I returned to my home, all my most valuable items were taken. I was angry, I guarantee you that, but not devastated. I had just started, and I didn't suspect the evil that would come from the very same person...
We skip forward another couple days.
'''Siege'd for the first time'''
After returning from my quite maze-like mine shaft from mining iron, I finally had enough to finish the iron bars that make up the windows. Cobblestone was cooking in the furnace and the stone bricks would be made to finish the house soon. I got a new recruit to join the crew and had to teleport him to where I was, so I asked if anyone would be willing to teleport him to me by tpa'd to me, and I got an answer from a person named [[Blackshadow969]], who believe it or not actually turned out to be a very nice person. So he tpa'd to me, tpa'd my friend to my base, and gave me and my friends tons of items to help get us started. I was quite thankful, and while I do not remember the "new" member, I haven't seen him/her for a while now. But he/she seemed pretty nice and went about joining me in trips in the mine shaft, eventually finding a literal mine shaft dungeon and dying to a poisonous spider, I was able to slay it and save her/his gear, but he/she had to travel all the way back on foot, and I never saw him/her again. The reason for this was Blackshadow969 wasn't anywhere to be seen, most likely the doing of tired eyes.
'''Getting a Colrainist book'''
A person named Silverstone messaged me saying he would give me a holy book from the religion of [[Cystianity]], of course I accepted. Not knowing what Cystianity was, but thinking it was cool they made a whole book about it. I came and got 2 copies of it, and was about to return home, when another person named [[Nick_A_Naut]] said something along the lines of "Do not join this religion! Our religion represents creating a beautiful world where everyone is equal and free!" I liked the sound of this, but soon after I got this message I saw another, this one being from Silverstone. "Our religion wishes pretty much the same, but will also offer you protection from those who may hurt you." Ortin77live jumps in, apparently involved in Cystianity. "I will pay you $15 if you join Cystianity, if you join [[Colrainism]], I will siege you." I replied simply with "I do not take threats." And was starting to lean over towards Colrainism for the reasons of having Ortin with Cystianity, but I wanted to give Silver another chance, so I wasn't quite decided. She continued going along, this time Nick saying Colrainism has about the same ideologies. So, after a little more discussion, I joined Colrainism. Keeping the Cystian books in hopes to burn them at the up coming party where a new member of [[Scurvy Dogs]] was becoming a leader. After joining Colrainism, Nick gave me a book, and when I got home I read it. Another reason I joined Colrainism was because they offered choice, while it sounded like Cystianity were just going to threaten me until they got what they wanted out of me.
A first glimpse at Colrainism...
After reading the book I decided this was going to be the thing I was going to support in PirateCraft. It was exactly the type of thing I stand for, having all the ideologies I have in other games and servers. I knew it was for me the moment I started reading it, with the selfless attitude given from [[UltraCreeper]], and the very interesting take on ideologies that only a very rare person would come up with.
This is why I support Colrainism.
'''About a day later, after my base was finished.'''
Someone put a bounty on me. I looked at the bounty list and realised the ridiculous amount of money was no longer on a person who had a super secure base, it was on me. A person I had got help to tpa'd to me again had realised the bounty and was trying to kill me even though there was no way he could get in my base. A person offered to tpa to me to take care of them, and while I knew it was probably the worst decision I would ever make, for whatever reason I cannot remember, I decided to accept. And when I did, I payed the price. The person whacked and shot me with his sword and bow with everything he had. I ran. Out the door, across the field, up a small hill with a cave in it, I could hear his arrows landing around me. I ran beside a tree, 1 heart left, knowing I probably wouldn't make it, I broke the leaves in my way and hid in the tree leaves. He passed right by me. Didn't even notice me. I saw him continue running around the next tree, I knew I was the luckiest person alive. I dropped into the cave before he got the chance to look around and typed /home. I was back, he groaned and asked Ortin and some other bad people to help him kill me. I knew I was siege proof, so at the time I was quite happy with myself. Little did I know there was such a thing as cannons. I was talking to my friend Blackshadow969, asking how they might get in and what they might try and if I was safe. He asked if I could teleport to him. I could not. I was under siege.
'''Cannon shot to death'''
They were doing something outside those doors, building something. I couldn't tell what it was through the windows for fear I would get close enough that they could somehow shoot me through the iron bars. Then I heard it. BOOM. A cannon firing. I saw a firework shoot inside and explode. BOOM BOOM. Another 2 come in. It seemed like they might have several cannons. BOOM BOOM. A couple more, this time getting closer to me somehow. BOOM BOOM BOOM. 3 more shots go off, one hit me down to 4.5 hearts, Blackshadow969 suggested putting blocks above my chests to stop them from getting in, I tried, but as I tried to be a block above my chest, I was shot with a cannon ball to the back.
After that battle, I looked through my chests and found nothing of use left behind. This time, I was devastated. Taking what little I had from the base, I left in hopes of finding a new place, a more secure one. I believe it was Blackshadow969 who suggested building a base at bedrock, so I decided to do just that. And I built the base to be completely siege proof, sure they could set up a cannon outside and shoot it in, but they would have to set up about 5 to get to every place in the building. I haven't played mine craft in quite a long time, so at the time I didn't know much of chorus fruit.
I built up my supply of iron and diamonds, even working on my own god set. I sent about half the iron I mined to a friend who was waging war against Cystianity, which is supposedly going to happen some time the day this wiki page was written. I read the entire Colrainist book, (I got another copy from Nick_A_Naut and copied it so I could read it myself and spread it to others) and loved it. I created Colrainist banners, giving 1 to a new Colrainist member, putting one at the front of my base, and keeping the others for any other people I found that would be willing to join Colrainism. Even making small kits with a banner, book, and good starting set up. But, it turned out most of my effort was for nothing.
'''The second time I was technically sieged, the third time I was attacked by Nitro.'''
*Nitro is Ortin77live by the way.
I invited Nick_A_Naut to show him a plan to make my base siege proof, which is ironic when you see what happens next. He teleported to me and I showed him by placing a block for every chunk. He suggested building a wall 16 blocks wide so there would be no way to Chorus fruit your way in (by now I had learned of the ability of Chorus fruit) but when he said that water keeps you from being teleported with chorus fruit, I suggested just making a wall 16 blocks out--1 block thick--and filling the empty space with water. I showed him this by placing a block in the middle to represent my base, and 12 blocks around the base (1 block away from it) then putting water inside the circle to resemble the water that would keep chorus fruit from working. And he wasn't completely on board but admitted it might work. I was excited to try it, but didn't get around to it for a long time afterwards...for soon after Nick_a_Naut left, I heard digging. I sent him a private message something along the lines of "I hear digging, I think I'm about to be sieged!" But when I tried to teleport to him it was no use. It was already too late. I placed a stone brick block above all my valuables, which was just the right thing to do. About 3 seconds after I did that, I was instantly killed by another player.
When I re spawned back at my base, they hadn't been able to go through the valuables chest, but they were able to steal some of the more mediocre things, and they killed off all my animals for fun. But worse than that, they found the blueprint for my plans and found it to be very similar to an AFK pool.

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Bowrilla is a player who is well known for their questioning and search for answers in PirateCraft, having a left leaning ideology after embracing the Colrainism preached by Ultracreeper, which follows the ideas of all being equal on the server.

I currently reside in GUCS (Grand Union of Colrainist States) helping wherever I can.