Whitherbeard Clan

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The Whitherbeards are the eldest clan of the Bearded yeti’s. Known for their warring nature in the days of old they are now known for their diplomacy, kindness, and mostly peaceful nature. As their clan grew through the years of prosperity they began to lose their way adopting the culture of those that surrounded it until only a handful of salty old Whitherbeards remained.

Those that were commited to keeping the true Bearded Yeti spirit alive left the soft convenient lives of their domesticated brethren and set out for the wild to start over. A few brave young yeti’s from some of the other clans came along as well in search of the true yeti path. Among them were brothers and sisters from the Redbeard, Greybeard, Blubeard, Blackbeard and Greenbeard clans as well as some of the smaller kinsmen families. Now only the memories and traditions of the Whitherbeards remain and the Blubeards have taken their place as the Elders of the Bearded Yeti Clans. In honor of the founding clan the Blubeards kept the Witherbeard name that represents all the clans as a reminder to stay on the true path.