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Weeleeman, King of The North, Rightful Heir to House O'Cryan of The Commonwealth Empire.

Early Days: Weeleeman Served as a Tactical Adviser & Militant Commander of The Irish Naval Command (INC), a now disbanded crew, alongside his long term companion, Magmatorch. He lived among the headquarters of the INC, Fort Erie. There he had carried out his duties for over 4 months.

The United Province Of Canada: When the INC was disbanded, Weeleeman & Magmatorch had turned Fort Erie into a small community, surrounding a bay and branching off into the nearby hills and fields. When enough people had begun to settle in the area, Weeleeman had formed the United Province of Canada (UPC), he was, by default the first Governor General, and had never managed to get elected out. The United Province of Canada was considered an English province at the time, and is described as "A peaceful nation where upstanding diplomats & traders can prosper". But when the UPC had begun to take more land, its early diplomacy became hard to maintain. This was mended when Weeleeman had cast a vote to reform the UPC into separate colonies operating under one Empire.

No Wars

No Uprisings

The Commonwealth Empire: When the vote passed, the United Province Of Canada was reformed, and Weeleeman was appointed the position of King. This led to extreme changes in circumstance for everyone under his rule, for the newfound Empire needed more land and power to support its causes, and defend its rightful land. This was considered to be both good and bad for the people of The Commonwealth Empire. During Weeleeman's reign, one official war was fought, and two revolts occurred.

Wars: The Commonwealth-Rogue War of Gopher Hill: •Parties Involved: The Rogues | The Commonwealth Empire Army-Land Forces With assistance form 'The New Roman Republic', The Commonwealth Royal Navy, & The Commonwealth Militia. •Notable Battles: The Battle of Bloody Ridge •Outcome: A truce was called & agreed upon under terms by both parties.

Uprisings: The Lancaster Revolt •Parties Involved: Citizens of Fort Erie, Fort Dunn, Fort Aqua, & The West Indies Colonies | The Commonwealth Militia, & The Emperors Guard. •Notable Battles: The Battle of Coilsfield Plantation, The Battle for River-Rock. •Outcome: Victory for The Lancaster Empire

After the Lancaster Revolt, The Commonwealth Empire faced a harsh economy. Many resources were destroyed or taken by the rebel forces. Their goal was to abolish the rule of Weeleeman & his political 'House' (A name in which a group of diplomats can fight for, Weeleeman serves under House O'Cryan.) With time and careful planning The Commonwealth Empire became stable once again.

About 5 months after The Commonwealth Empire became stable, it began to suffer a problem with productivity and production. As its forces of men grew it could no longer afford to keep them sustained. Eventually The Commonwealth Empire was divided once again into separate Kingdoms and Colonies, under a very close alliance but the nature of this ordeal has not been revealed to the public. Weeleeman, King of The North, claims to endeavor once again to take his seat as head of The Empire.