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Any videos found on Piratecraft, created by the community can be submitted and shared here.


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Piratecraft Lets-plays


  • Shockerboy686 is one of the most famous youtubers in all of Piratecraft! He is a cringy piratecraft youtuber who has made 25 different piratecraft episodes (so far). He is in the Parrot Lovers crew and provides a unique perspective of the life of a typical piratecraft player. Each episode is full of suprises!
  • Shockerboy's Piratecraft Playlist:

Ship Battles

Ship Battle Event December 2016

Ship Battle May 26th 2018

Raids and Sieges

  • Mafia Vs CLTN pvp fight:

On november 24th, several members of CLTN assaulted a group of Mafia members trying to settle up a new town. Even though Mafia had way less numbers, they still managed to make CLTN struggle during the fight. CLTN: JUSAPlayer1 CaptainCracken Riverwood202 Turkeyman11a ArcherSquid Teyu Xeuric

Mafia: Nationalistic xMadMonkeyx SimbadTiger


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