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Ah, Valaria. City of the Sea, home to two of the greatest shipwrights and most loyal admirals. Valaria was once a prospering seaport, situated upon a peninsula, bordering the Super Sea, yet has long since fallen, due to the inactivity of MaddoxJ70 and WMiller13, its famous inhabitants. It was an Elven city, governed by Maddox, a famed and well-respected admiral, a lovely castle, awe-inspiring and grandiose. It was the naval power of the Elves in its time, once harboring a mighty navy, of numerous well-crafted ships. Yet, now only the Falchion of War, Maddox's Flagship remains. Knowledge of the origins of Valaria and its owners are foggy, and clouded, the first known of is Maddox's recruitment of two deckmates, by the name of Jackipedia, and TheHattedHatter, and their joining of the navy. During this time Maddox was still a prominent member of the server, active, and he expanded Valaria from a fortress to an entire barony, walled, secure and grand. This was truly its golden age. A small citadel was built nearby it, that goes by the name of Earendil, that is still occupied today. Yet, all things are ground to dust, in the end. Valaria remained with Reptaria and the Elves throughout several reformations and civil wars, yet its last act was the one where it was broken, this was the point where Maddox's activity dipped. Pirate quest, a crew lead by JavaInvader, who has long harbored feelings of resentment and hatred towards the Elves, declared war upon them, at the time, Elven Republic, and sieged Valaria, in the aim of stealing its powerful fleet. A battle that is still remembered even in these times, because of the horror, occurred between the undermanned, unequipped League of Nations protecting it, and the "elite", with far superior training and gear to the peaceful nation crews. Needless to say, it was a massacre, and Valaria broke under the storm of freebooters, lost its fleet, and ultimately, its leader. A sad fate indeed.