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The New Empire (also called TNE) is a medium sized almost only builder crew with the goal to build the most beautifull and detailed town at the whole server. Originally founded by ScriptX and called TBCG, but later dissolved and rebuild under the new name The New Empire by ScriptX and IndexOutOfMJ (Lord__MJ)

The New Empire
Crew Name The New Empire (TNE)
Leaders: ScriptX, IndexOutOfMJ
Co Leader Two_Com
Founded: 17. Dec 2017
Structure: Empire
Members: 14
Active Members: 3
Dissolved: Never
Allies: TSE, TNE, Tri, Cove, GE, PL, REE, TMC, TX, TMC, HI, FR, GUCS, Xenia, EIE, DD
Enemies: horse, Mafia, Cotij, RoV


ScriptX has joined the server at the 19. Feb 2017. He has sailed with a nprmal wooden boat to the next island to with his friend Two_Com what the ship-plugin (movecraft) can do. While building her first boat, they have made the fault that they have modified the boat while it was controlled, what cause the ship to sink. After building a new Boat and sailing into the wilderness he found an enemy island where he decides to mine some diamonds. Sadly the island owner had not the same opinion as Scriptx and killed him with a GBow oneshot. So, after dying, respawning and sailing once again with his normal wooden boat, he decided to build a third movecraft boat, and meet his friend Two_Com which is still remaining at the Island whre the first boat was sunk, but building there his own boat. After sailing for a long time they have meet her at the middle of the ocean. After sailing together , Two_Com has to go offline and Scriptx decides to cruise with a normal wooden boat to his, at the livemap determined Point to build, because the sailing with the movecraft plugin takes longer. So after sailing for 10.000 Blovls the new location for the town has been found and the first step to found his new city was taken. Next day, (20. Feb) the prodecessor crew of TNE, the TBCG (TheBlackCreeperGames) Crew was founded. At this Point his Friend Two_Com has sailed also the 10.000 Blocks to the new Base, but sadly he doesnt set his home there and he died in a fight with a creeper. at this point he was depressed and dont wanna sail the distance again and he quit the battle for this day. Luckly one day later he decides to take the distance to itself and saile once again to the newly foundet City.

Later in the days Two_Com lost attention at the Piratecraft Server and ScriptX was the only person who is building his dream city. Because he is only building alone, he also lost attention on this server, and has only come come Online for a short duration to prevent an unclaim. Luckly he can convince IndexOutOfMJ to join this server, but to him happened the same thing as to Two_Com and he is also died trough a creeper and was afraid to sail a second time to his friend ScriptX. After a day, he has taken the way on its own and so, finally the two are be able to rebuild the city to give it a unique look. at this point, the crew TBCG was dissolved at the 17. Dec 2017 and the Crew TNE was born.


The national flag of TNE

The main part of The New Empire is Building. So PvP is only present in form of traps all over the town and if it is necesaary to defend thier most precius Items. Anybody can visit the town without the risk getting killed, so they wander around and do a little bit sightseeing. If ScriptX and IndexOutOfMJ having the time, they are doing also tours through their Town. The living in the town is taxfree and it is not necessary to spend items or make special jobs to live in there. The big building projekts are financed by gifts from allys, or special items are buyd from usershops, with the money they get from the captain donations. The political movement of this crew is conservatism, even if they have no interests in PvP. Tha national flag is a mix of red and blue lines, compared with a withe background and a blue border, but for simplicity only the withe and black flag is used in-game.


The airship from the front

The TNE crew is known for their complex redstone builds, and huge detailed constructions, such as the airship, or the townhall.

The Airship

The airship was a mega projekt that was build within 2 Weeks from 2-4 People. It is a 160 Block long flying build, that was designed and build during the april build of the month, thus won. The main builders where ScriptX and IndexOutOfMJ. The helpers where Two_Com, he has farmed the wood, and Niki, she has farmed the stone. Also has Romich02 gifted a doublechest full of netherfences, that are needed for the zeppelin. The main problem during the build was the insufficient resources of wool and netherfences. So these resources where been buyd at the usershops, bat that was only a temporary solution and after a few days there are no more of the needed items left at all usershops. During the build, the builders are died several times, because the server has lagged due to the mass of players online, and some of the placed blocks hase disapeared, what causes that the builders has been fallen into the depth. Only ScriptX has the captain rank during the build and was be able to teleport sometimes to his home during the fall.


The New Empire took part two times at a BOTM. The first building that was submitted was the townhall at the middle of the marketplace and it become the second place. The second time they took part at the BOTM, the new builded airship was submittet, and from beginning of the competetion it was almost clear that they could become the first place with it, what they than also did. During the competetion came the reproach on, that they have used an template for building it, which turned out to be wrong.