The Greek Empire

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Welcome to the Greek Empire! We are a friendly, easy-going crew that loves to help new players, but we are also a strong and experience-hardened nation. I’m sure you’ll love both our crew and this server!

To start, though, are our rules (server rules are /rules): No drinking alcohol, no swearing/foul language, and no explicit content.

Now, by now you should have a house (if not, you’re getting one ASAP). That house is where you can keep your stuff, but be warned! People can steal you stuff, if you don’t protect your chests by placing a block on top of them!

We have a crew Discord server: Please join it if you have any intentions of playing for any extended period of time on the server (if you don’t have Discord, don’t worry! There’s a free browser Discord, no downloads required. Just Google it ;P)

Feel free to go mining, farm, or do whatever you like! In order to unlock more things on the server, look at /rankup. Want to PvP? Build? Farm? Just ask one of our helpful members, and we’ll guide you to the right place!

Hope you have a great server and crew experience!

-PIPPIP5789, King of the Greek Empire



Now down to the good stuff rather than PIP’s rules (no offense PIP). The Greek Empire was created out of what was once a very strong crew VISN. VISN was thriving and very active then key players in the VISN Empire started to go inactive. This lead to other players going inactive. Then mid January only a few players remained. This made VISN leader to start to invite any one who was online without a crew, out of these many players that were recruited only 1 remained active his name was Diehardmist699 cough me cough oh sorry trust me it’s not corona. After this it lead to only a total of four players in all of VISN being active those players are PIPPIP5789, ChickenNoodYT, AielManX, GIBear, and Diehardmist699. Throughout about 2 months not a single player was recruited into VISN it seemed as if VISN was killing it self. Then out of no where VISN opened a new capital and opened recruiting again among some of the player recruited were Owenntje who is now in ISEN and Jackwolf129. It seemed as if VISN was back but leader PIPPIP had been contemplating with his fellow leaders if VISN should be rebirthed and after long vote and a tie they settled on the name The Greek Empire.

(MOST OF THIS IS MADE UP DO NOT BELIEVE IT)Although that’s only what the public heard here is the real story about how The Greek Empire was created. To be edited in the near future.