The Devil's Claw

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About The Devil's Claw

The Devil's Claw, is the lost brother of the Yukikaze. They are almost exactly identical in ship layout. The Yukikaze was built and designed by shiphoo, and this ship has been built by Lord0Viper using shiphoo's design.

The ship was built most of a mix of spruce and dark oak wood. The bottom of the hull was obsidian where as the outer shell was made of black clay.


'Tis ship here was built to be used for piratin' and then turned it's use to fightin' the Elve's. It was built as standard as any other ship could be built. This ship though... had somethin' eerie 'bout it. No matter what happens to it, it never dies. It might get a hole in it's belly, but it still moves... As if it was zombified, made to never die.. made to live forever... The more wounds it had in its wooden hull, obsidian would come and take it's place..

The Logs of The Devil's Claw

  • 01/10/2016 - The Ship was christened and the log created.
  • Sailed from BlackPowder Bay to Ae0's Island, and docked there for resupplying.
  • Sailed from Ae0's Island to the canal of Warp West and continuing voyage towards the Super/West Sea.
  • Raided a base of the Elven Empire and attempted to have a fort to ship battle. Unsuccessful{Captain's Notes: Need a stronger to withstand fire}. (Maddox's base).
  • Ship was repaired.
  • Raided a base of the Elven Empire and others and has been successful with this raid. (Names of the players were Mystic Titan965, TheMadHatter and others.

(spelling of their names might be incorrect.))

  • As I was trying to sail away and escape, they used vanilla boats and speed boated towards the ship, and TNT'd the ship.
  • Sailed the ship to an island in the Super/West Sea and was repaired, and remodeled so that the hull's shell is obsidian and the bottom of the ship is black clay to withstand more fights.
  • On May 2017, the ship was sailed from the Super/West Sea back to BlackPowder Bay and was docked there for, and ready to be operated once more.

Pictures of The Devil's Claw

The Devil's Claw- Starboard Side - Night.png The Devil's Claw- Port Side - Day.png The Devil's Claw- Helm - Day.png The Devil's Claw- Front Side - Day.png The Devil's Claw- Front Side 1 - Day.png The Devil's Claw- Port Side 1 - Day.png The Devil's - Below Deck 1 - Day.png