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Date Joined: 26 November 2014
Residence: York
Crew: BE
Rank: Quartermaster, Commodore


Taulov currently Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order.


The time when Taulov first joined is not known, since he cannot even remember it himself. However after a small time after joining and after becoming sailor, he went out and joined the Elven Empire, EE. After a few weeks there Taulov moved on, not feeling welcomed. This was about is however known, since Taulov joined the BETC, British Empire Training Crew, when Bislo was elcted for Prime Minister in the early sommer of 2016. After joining the real British Empire, Taulov quickly build up his base and raised a bit in the army ranks. Howver it was not before Taulov in autumn of 2016 stuff happend, Taulov became builder in the empire, he was working on London. Later in the spring of 2017 Taulov became Home Secretary for the British Empire, he only held this role for a short amount of time, because after a week, the elections came. Which Gildor and Taulov won making Taulov Vice Prime Minister. After the term Taulov himself became Prime Minister, however school cut this short and he was not active for 6 months. After that he got the rank of Lord in the empire for his service to the empire, as build and minister. However, Taulov did not keep out of polictics for a long time. So after just a few months into the term of Benthebruce and Waterpool as leaders Taulov got the role of Foreign Secretary. When their termed ended Taulov and Lazydog11 became the leaders of the crew, which once again made Taulov Prime Minister. After a long time of being part of the British Empire Taulov has later joined VAL where he remainded for a few months before starting his own crew.



Danish (Mother Language)







There have been rumours of Taulov once being in a serious relationship with Puffi. He has yet to comment on this matter.