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===Mithlond Subway===
The Subway of Mithlond was a prestigious project at its time. The public subway was founded in June 2018 and ended services in February 2019. There was a total amount of 6 stations and 2 subway lines (U1, U2) but only the U1 was ever operated, the U2 never was finished. It was based on a an old subway system that was used to transport items and persons in case of a long siege. 100m of tunnel costed around 250 Taler, that was way to expensive. Also sometimes the time you were waiting on the station took longer than the whole traveled way would have taken by foot. Additionally the technic was very susceptible to interference. Mainly because of these reasons the project was aborted while the U2 has been built.
Today there is a small museum in the old control station. Also there is one remaining station you can visit. 4 other stations were simply abandoned and one will be rebuilded to a better entrance to the XP-farm.

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