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SomeOne1112 was a member of the Plant Nation but later left the group in order to create his own group. So far he is merely a carpenter living in a 9x9 stonebrick house who builds crappy schooners and occasionally falls off cliffs. His crew, the Outsiders, is just a score of poorly equipped deckhands and a handful of sailors and cadets, none of whom play more than once a month. He has an astounding KDR of 0.00, with a total of 784 deaths and 0 kills (yippee). Oh, and he builds really crappy schooners. Did I mention that?

Overall, he is doing pretty well.

Oh, and feel free to say I am better than what this article says about me, but be honest here. If you saw how my PirateMc career turned out, you would realize I’m telling the truth here.


  • This is my autobiography-summary-overall-thing*