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SmartArse Tuesday[edit | edit source]

Small Mini-Game created and run by Bazurka. All players are welcome to try their guess on a random question about the server.

Procedure :

  • A question will be announced in-game . Usually a question that can be answered by a number, i.e how many suns are orbiting PirateCraftWold ?
  • Players will have 5..15 min to enter their guess in our discord #general channel. One entry per player. If you need to change your guess, remove it and submit a new one.
  • The winner is whoever is closest with his/her guess.
  • Winner will receive a special collector's item that only a real smart arse can handle ! (Winner has to be online to receive item - otherwise next closest player will get the prize.)

The SmartArse event usually runs on Tuesday , at 23:00 GMT .