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Creating a shop

The process of creating a shop is quite simple:

  1. Place a sign with the following contents:
    1. On the first line, write [buy] (if players will buy from you) or [sell] (if players will sell to you);
    2. The second and third lines are used for a description of your product, basically anything you want to write about it;
    3. The last line should be your price.
  2. After your sign is set up, place a down a chest within 20 blocks of the sign.
  3. Fill the chest with the items you want to sell/buy in the exact quantity that you will be selling/buying (if you are selling 1 slime ball for 6$, you will only put a single slime ball in the chest for now)
  4. Punch the chest with redstone.
  5. Punch the sign with redstone
  6. Fill up the chest with the rest of your stock.

If you've followed all these steps, you should now have a working shop. You should now watch out for the color of the sign:

  • Blue means it has stock;
  • Red means the shop is out of stock;
  • Black means the shop is not set up properly.

Finding shops

Piratecraft has a very handy tool (although this tool is outdated at the moment) for finding shops that sell (or buy) what you need. Visit and use the search box to search for your item.

Note: The shop website supports shows enchants an item has, however, you can not search for the enchant in the search bar. For example, if you need a bow enchanted with flame, you will need to search for "bow" and then look through the list to find a bow enchanted with flame instead of searching for "flame bow".

Shopping areas

Piratecraft currently has 2 main shopping areas:

Extra info

Check out the official guide at .