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Rules can change at any time, up-to date rules can be found at any time in-game using /rules.

You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP.

  1. Be polite & respectful to players (no trolling, harassing, bullying, etc)
    1. Respect other players. If you’re angry against a player, use a pirate insult, nothing else.
    2. Do not try to troll players and do not attack a player repeatedly without a valid reason.
    3. Do not abuse permissions, donator or otherwise, in order to gain an advantage in combat, specifically the back command.
  2. Anything any member of staff says, goes.
    1. Do not contest staff decisions.
    2. Do not ask a second staff member when you get an answer you don't like.
    3. If you have a problem, contact the concerned staff member by private message on the website. If you have not received an answer after a few days, then create a polite and respectful support ticket on the forums.
  3. No hacking, cheating or exploiting glitches. No client mod(s).
    1. Do not hack, cheat or use glitches.
    2. Do not use any minecraft client modification (Apart from Optifine)
    3. Do not log in or use multiple accounts. Alt's are not allowed on this server.
    4. This includes any and every mod you can name, regardless of how insignificant it may seem.
    5. If you find an exploitable glitch, contact a staff member.
    6. Examples:
      1. Do not open a chest through glass, bars, or iron doors.
      2. Do not use a cart/boat to glitch through a door.
  4. No begging. Ever.
    1. Do not beg in chat. Do not beg staff members.
    2. Lost goods won’t be replenished. Do not ask.
  5. Only claim land intended for use. Do not build close to spawn.
    1. Claimed land must have a purpose (building something).*And NOT temporary*
    2. Claiming land can’t be used as a tool or weapon against someone else. Do not claim land to siege a player.
    3. No buildings or shops can be set up near spawn in any world. Try to move away from eyesight of spawn before claiming/building.
    4. No Building adjacent to server owned/claimed builds (warps, aqueduct, cove, etc). With staff approval you may build pirate themed builds in these locations.
    5. No building adjacent to any other claim unless all parties agree, try to keep some distance.
    6. Do not set a home for intentions of raiding or killing another player. Only set home's you intend to use for a home.
  6. No advertising at all.
    1. No advertising for websites, no advertising for servers, no advertising for mods/games/whatever : no advertising at all.
  7. Do not game stats, bounties or abuse game mechanics.
    1. Do not let yourself be killed by allies.
    2. Do not repeatedly break blocks to increase your stats.
    3. Do not use any method to circumvent automatic afk-kicking.
    4. Do not ask people if you can kill them for their bounties, or plan with them to share the money.
  8. Keep chat readable, English only and PG-rated. (No spam or caps abuse)
    1. Write full sentences.
    2. Do not write in any language other than English.
    3. Do not spam the chat in any way or abuse caps.
    4. Do not use inappropriate sexual language.
    5. Use pirate insults and keep the non-pirate cursing limited.
  9. Use common sense.
    1. If you do not understand this rule, please go bury your head in a hole.
    2. These rules aren’t exhaustive.
    3. If something doesn’t appear in these rules but seems like it should be forbidden, then it probably is!
    4. Ask staff members if in doubt.

Raiding & PvP Rules

  1. Do not use a Nether Portal to raid someone.
  2. Do not use the /back command following a PvP death, /tpa is ok.
  3. Do not use ships/turrets to power redstone or modify a claim.

Rules for Building

  1. No offensive structures.
    1. Do not build phallic symbols that could be offensive to anyone.
  2. No building within eyesight of spawn.
    1. Players should not be able to walk out of spawn and see your building.
  3. No building outside of worlds (Not on top of nether)
    1. You are strictly prohibited from building on top or underneath worlds.


Punishments can be singular or a mix of the following: Kick, Jail, Warning, Temp Mute, Permanent Mute, Temp Ban, Permanent Ban, Stats & Rank reset. 3 Warnings of any kind will get you a ban. A player can also get sent to Davy Jones' Locker at staff's preference. No sanction appeal in-game. Do not try to pass over a sanction. Punishment Checker

Check any players history of warnings, bans, mutes and kicks from punishment checker.