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Republics and Democracies are the most used type of governments/societies that crews on PirateCraft use.

Republics/Democracies hold elections and have some sort of fair government where everyone in that group can have a say in it.

They can also have a constitution so that checks and balances can be ensured that the people/citizens of them can be free.


  • To make sure the people/citizens of that crew are free
  • To have a fair government
  • To promote the idea of a republic/democracy to other people on PirateCraft
  • To spread peace
  • To get rid of unconstitutional monarchies and dictatorships where one person controls everything

Crews that are Republics/Democracies:

  • British Empire (BE) <- Best Example
  • Grand Union of Colrainist States (GUCS)
  • Thirteen Colonies (13C)