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This is the starting rank for new and normal players, these players have a white username.

Building & Destroying blocks no whitelist!

Protect Land & Builds with claims using GriefPrevention. (Golden Shovel) New players start with 100 claim blocks and you earn 60 claimblocks for every hour played, Chests are not locked! You can however put a block over a chest in a claimed land to protect its contents from pirates!

Permissions and commands

Spawn the rule book with /kit bible. Each rank also has its own kit; /kit deckhand gives you a set of basic tools.

This rank lets you sail your own custom built ship :

Build, Pilot, Move and Rotate a custom built ship: Dhow.

/warp cove Lets the user warp to The Cove.

/sethome to set a home warp & /home to warp home.

/donate Donation perks in-game menu and /warp donate to warp to the donate room

/msg can be used to send messages to other players in-game, quick reply using /r

/mail to send an offline message to a player.

/spawn will teleport you back to spawn.

/wild to teleport to an uninhabited area.

/help List all in-game commands and /helpop requests help from online staff.

/rules View the rules to playing on PirateCraft.

/ignore Mute another player in-game.

/balance Shows in-game currency, /pay pays a player from your balance.

/stats Displays some of your basic recorded in-game statistics.

Other useful commands /afk Away from Keyboard, /list Online Players, /motd Message of the day, /compass Displays your current bearing in the world, /depth Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level, /getpos Displays your current coordinate.


Requirements To auto-rank to Cadet

Deckhand Rank

5 hours game play

5000 blocks broken (blocks broken by explosions do not count)

5000 blocks traveled by boat (small minecraft vanilla boat also counts)

You are gifted these items when you rank-up

1 Compass

1 set of Shears

1 golden shovel

Permissions and commands

Inherits Deckhand permissions & kits

Aqua Badge next to username *

/release Releases a ship that’s currently being piloted.

Fire cannons that have been created by Gunners

Rusty cannonade is available for building (cannon, but no damage to blocks)


Sailor is our rank for trusted long-term players, this unlocks teleporting and a new ship to sail: Schooner

Requirements To auto-rank to Sailor

Cadet Rank

24 hours game play

10,000 blocks broken

10,000 Sailed by boat

Gifted items to build your first ship:

200 wood

2 signs

32 wool

1 golden hoe

Permissions and commands

Inherits Cadet permissions & kits

Light gray username

Load and Fire cannons that have been created by Gunner rank

Schooner ship is now available to build

Create, Break and Use [balance] signs

/tpa Asks the player if you can teleport to them.

/kit sailor

No longer has access to /wild


Moving up from sailor to part of the PirateCraft team, You will be wanting to expand, carpenter gets you another sethome and some more permissions.

Requirements To auto-rank to Carpenter

Sailor Rank

72 (3 days) hours game play

10,000 blocks placed

Gain 60xp Experience

Mine 5 Diamond Ore

Cut down 700 Oak logs

Kill 100 players (Arena included)

Gifted items to make a mess

32 Creeper Eggs

32 Enderpearls

1 brewing stand

1 Diamond Axe

64 Oak logs

64 Spruce logs

64 Birch logs

64 Jungle logs

Permissions and commands

Inherits Sailor Permissions & Kits

Light grey username with bronze badge *

2 set homes

/tpahere Asks the specified player to accept transport to your location.

/balancetop to see who’s got big money

/me allows emote in chat

Create [mail] signs.

/kit carpenter


Gunner unlocks the ability to build and use working cannons in-game to rain destruction upon your enemies, sink their ships and blow mobs to the nether

Requirements To auto-rank to Gunner

Carpenter Rank

168 (7 days) hours game play

30,000 Blocks broken

30,000 Blocks placed

Gain 80xp Experience

Gifted items to build two cannons

64 Firecharges

6 black wool (2 cannons)

2 torches

2 stone buttons

64 cobblestone

64 Sulphur (Gunpowder)

64 TNT

1 Flint and steel

Permissions and commands

Inherits Gunner Permissions & Kits

Light grey username with Yellow badge *

2 set homes

Gunners can build both Black wool Cannons and Iron Cannons that shoot exploding cobblestone cannonballs use /cannons for an in-game tutorial or visit the Ships and Cannons page.

Maximum of 2 cannons for Gunner

Can shoot TNT Cluster-bomb, Cobblestone and Fireworks from cannons.

Ability to Auto-reload, Auto-aim and use redstone on cannons

/kit gunner


Boatswain used to be the last upgradeable rank.

Requirements To auto-rank to Boatswain

Gunner Rank

14 days played (370 Hours)

100,000 Blocks broken

100,000 Blocks placed

Gain 100xp Experience

Move 100000 blocks on foot

Gifted items

8 diamond blocks

1 beacon.

Permissions and commands

Inherits gunner permissions and kits

Grey username with Pink Badge *

3 Set homes

/kit boatswain


Firstmate is one of the newer ranks added in 2017.

Requirements To auto-rank to Firstmate

Boatswain Rank

30 days played (720 Hours)

300,000 Blocks broken

300,000 Blocks placed

Gain 125xp Experience

Gifted items

A set of gold named Firstmate gear

1 named shulker box

Permissions and commands

Inherits boatswain permissions and kits

Grey username with Aqua Badge *

/kit firstmate


Quartermaster is one of the newer ranks added in 2017. It is the last upgradeable rank, and cannot be bought in the shop.

Requirements To auto-rank to Quartermaster

Firstmate Rank

60 days played (1440 Hours)

1,000,000 Blocks broken

1,000,000 Blocks placed

Gain 150xp Experience levels

Gifted items

A set of chainmail named Quartermaster gear

3 named shulker boxes

Permissions and commands

Inherits firstmate permissions and kits

Grey username with Red Badge *

/kit quartermaster


Green Username

3 Set homes.

Lieutenant Kit & All Rank Kits

3 Horse spawn egg & 1 Saddle

VIP Commands

£300 to spend in-game

Inherit all in-game ranks

Join Full Server

Big movecraft ship (up-to 2500 blocks!) with custom manowar sign.

Build upto 20 cannons


Green Username with Bronze Badge +

4 Set homes.

Lieutenant Kit, Commander Kit & All Rank Kits

3 Horse eggs, 2 saddles & 2 Iron Horse Armour.

VIP Commands

£600 to spend in-game

/top Quickly escape caves

Join Full Server & All Warps

Big movecraft ship (up-to 2500 blocks!) with custom manowar sign.

Inherit all in-game ranks

Build upto 30 cannons


Green Username with Pink Badge +

5 Set homes.

Lieutenant Kit, Commander Kit, Captain Kit & All Rank Kits

3 mob eggs, 6 other gifts of the donator's choice

VIP Commands

£1600 to spend in-game

/back Teleport back to where you died

/top Quickly escape caves

Join Full Server & All Warps

Biggest movecraft ship (up-to 5000 blocks!) with custom Indiaman sign.

Bypass Teleport Cooldown & Timers

Inherit all in-game ranks

Build upto 50 cannons


Staff rank.


Staff rank.

Rear Admiral

Staff rank.

Vice Admiral

Staff rank.


Staff rank.