Port Royal Squadron

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Flag of the Royal Navy
Flag of the British East India Trading Company
The flagship of the squadron, HMS Torrington, as seen from the North West Tower of Fort Charles

Port Royal's squadron is a joint Royal Navy/British East India Trading Company fleet positioned at Port Royal (Reformed). The current Admiral and leader of the squadron is Xenocam. Current Ships Include:

HMS Torrington (Indiaman) Owned by Bazurka. It is the Flagship of the squadron.

HMS India (Galleon) Owned by Bazurka. A Galleon, used for transporting large amounts of troops.

HMS Cymru (Seawolf) Owned by Bazurka. A submarine that is intended to transport troops.

HMS Royal (Dhow) Owned by Guineapigplays. A small vessel, intended to land troops on beaches whilst under fire.

HMS Trafalgar (Dhow) Owned by Guineapigplays. A small vessel, good for beach landings and expeditions.

HMS Ary (Dhow) Owned by LightUk. A gunboat, meant for patrolling coastlines.

HMS Crescent Rose (Dhow) Owned by Mcpro106. A recon ship, small but fast and agile.