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This is the page for the list of the PirateCraft Annual Olympic Games created by Palmerageddon.

What are the Olympics?

The Olympics is a (hopefully) annual games hosted by a large crew, normally an Empire. First brought up over 3 years ago, but wasn't discussed as much by Ryan Cottone: https://piratemc.com/topic/piratecraft-olympics/

The games were created first in the mind of Palmerageddon as a sort of fun thing to do maybe, this then evolved to become a mixture of the host of the game's way to express and open themselves up to the other groups of PirateCraft.

The Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony both are there to explain certain important historical impacts on the host through actions and performance.

The lighting and putting out the cauldron symbolizes the renewal and death of eras on the server to come, and that the games played out are the actions of which groups may play out but still stay friends in the end.

An Aim For 2019 Is To Have At the least 1 Olympic Event

How Would I Host The Olympics?

If you want to host the Olympics you must /mail send Palmerageddon or Private Message him through the Pirate Craft website & he can then put a bid forward for you & will evaluate you amongst other candidates if your worthy for it, things you'll be evaluated on would be where you plan to build the arena, your allies & enemies, how much money & funding you can put towards the event, some of the main things. Once that is done he will tell you whether or not you make it to the next stage when voting by the Olympic Committee commences, which then afterwards, the winning host is announced.

The Olympic Games List

This is a list where all the history and information of each set of games played out is stored along with the host's name.