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A Narwhal Sighting in the Western Ocean
Discovered By: Astrobolt
Date Discovered: December 2016
Habitats: South West Ocean, TAS Sea (Narwhal HQ)

Narwhals are a rare species known to have a single, long horn in the front of their head. The original narwhal was built by Astrobolt in the western ocean. Smaller narwhals have also been built on land near xMadMonkeyx's town in the northern-most desert on the server. In August 2018, most of the narwhals were moved to a new location, the Narwhal HQ, located in the TAS Sea.


The first narwhal was built by Astrobolt when he was in the crew Phantom. Phantom was building a large navy which would ultimately be used to dominate in ship battles. Astrobolt decided to add his own touch to the collection and build the Original Phantom Narwhal. Even though Astrobolt is no longer in Phantom, (the crew was disbanded and remade several times) the Phantom Narwhal has kept its name


There are currently three active narwhals on the server. (v2, v2.1, and v3 - see Phantom Narwhal for designation details) Two of them (v2 and v2.1) are at the Narwhal HQ and the other one (v3) is at Battle Bay so that it is ready for battles.

There are also three other narwhals which are all inactive. Two of them (v1 and v1.1) are at the Narwhal HQ. The other one (another v1.1) is in ruins at Freeport from the events of the First Battle of Freeport. A third v1.1 was also made for the First Battle of Freeport, but was completely destroyed.