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Date Joined: 13 February 2020
Residence: Fort Mindmeld
Crew: Cotij
Rank: Gunner

The fart man himself, The fart king. Mindmeld420 is a very smart person. He went from Isen to D4C to BE then to Rome then to MIB then to Froge and is now in Cotij. He likes working with redstone. He loves sieging its the thing he does the most on PMC. He has made friends and enemies more enemies then friends if you where to be factual about it. He came to Isen as a deckie then got kicked because they did not like his personality. He made his own crew D4C which failed because at the time he was not so informed on how to run a crew. He got advice from a friend to go to BE a few weeks in or so he called one of the leaders dumb and then they made a vote and kicked him out. The vote was very close just saying. In fact later one of the people who vouched for him in BE would later leave BE and make his own crew the last crusaders. Then mindmeld went to rome which lead to them taking all his stuff and betraying him so he was near rock bottom 5 months in. He made his own crew MIB and for a while it was doing great. He got bored of being leader and wanted to build more so he joined a peaceful crew Froge. He made a few more enemies and due to Froge's rules he could not attack them so he decided to walk away from Froge and join Cotij. He is in Cotij to this day and is having a lot of fun there and loves sieging people with them.