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Lutians are humans that follow the path of Luteus to transform their body and mind, allowing them to gain great power.

The Lutians began after a cursed boat - The Woodstock - set out to sea carrying 18 sailors and a cargo worth hundreds of doubloons. Although after the 7th day of sailing, The Woodstock was struck by a mighty storm. The sailors were swept overboard and drowned, except one. A mere cabin boy known as Icanra who was washed up on a nearby island nicknamed "The Cove". All that he had was the clothing he stood in, a mysterious locked chest and a large but blank leather journal. Fortunately the young cabin boy managed to find himself lodgings in a nearby boat that was being repaired. After this event, the cabin boy began to have nightmares of the storm and saw the water glowing with a strange orange light. After days of these terrible dreams, he began to gain knowledge of the normal world and the one of the supernatural. He woke late at night with symbols in his head only to find himself being compelled to write them in the strange journal. After 7 days and 7 nights the book was full. Knowing what he must do, he stole one of the smaller boats in the port and sailed away. He had a wanting to know and learn what this book meant. After journeying for around 5 months, the cabin boy - who was now almost a man - returned to "The Cove" and vowed to spread his knowledge of what he had learned and to tell others of the contents of the chest. The goal... was to help turn others into Lutians


The lifestyle of the Lutians consists of 3 main areas: Enhance their knowledge and supernatural abilities. Defend and upkeep Luteus Republic lands. And finally to teach others the way of Lutians

A Lutians appearance depends on the amount they have of Lutian Energy

Low Powered Lutians wear small tunics with the Luteus Republic flag over their hearts. The tunics are usually covering from their neck to their hips. They wear plain brown leather trousers that are held up with a belt and strapped to the ankles. To finish this off they have black polished boots tied with laces

Average Powered Lutians wear the same as the Low Powered Lutians with the addition of a cape and orange cross-gartering on their trousers.

High Powered Lutians are the most elite Lutians and wear an orange cloak covering the whole body including the head which is covered with a hood. The Elite Lutians also wear this with the addition of a green pendant around their neck

Lutians are still human although with a few minor differences such as glowing eyes and ability to use supernatural abilities. Their skin is also paler than the skin of a normal human