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This contribution provides basic information about the crew Imperium.

Crew rules

  • Respect the server rules
  • Do not accept teleports from random people, only from crew members or allies
  • Do not kill crew members or allies
  • Follow orders from the crew leaders
  • Keep cursing to a low. Any hate speech is unacceptable.


Imperium is a crew based on the Medieval/feudal era. It consists of a collecion of towns. Each with an Earl (governor) in command and a Thane, who helps with managing the town. The crew leaders are the Dukes (usually two people).

To find out more about the crew ranks, join the Imperium discord group.

Ranking up

When you first join the crew, you'll receive the rank of 'Serf', which is the lowest crew rank. The next rank you can obtain is that of 'Civilian' or 'Recruit'. The 'Civilian' rank can be obtained by working for the crew and you'll be rewarded once you obtain it. A 'Civilian' is a trusted member of the crew. They're able to get a higher military rank (if they're capable of pvp) or government position.

The 'Recruit' rank is for those players who want to join the military and are intrested in pvp. There're no requirements for this rank and are equal to the 'Serf' rank. The recruit is now in service of the military, but must practice, so they can become a 'Warrior' (second military rank). The 'Warrior' rank is equal to that of 'Civilian' and therefore they'll also be rewarded.

Making money

In each town there's shop. In the shop there's a [sell] section, where you can sell items in exchange for money.


Imperium has a discord server. Join it to stay up-to-date.

The End

Congratulations. You know now more about Imperium.