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UUID 21c03336-9e46-4e06-9e0e-4bfa30191c36
Rank Admiral
History Iamthereaper89
Punishments Iamthereaper89 Punishments
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Username Iamthereaper89
Position Vice Admiral (Admin
Team Duties Community Leader.
Age 25
Resource Pack John Smiths

Iamthereaper89, also known as 'reaper' is currently an inactive staff member, and the server's only superadmin - granting him creative mode.

He is most known for running the old player warp /warp shop - which proved very successful, and paved the way for the current /warp shops. He became the first player to reach the maximum /bal of 250,000.

He largely resigned from active duties in 2017 due to personal life, but still pops on every so often.