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Sigil of Greywatch
Greywatch sigil.png
Status: Free City
Founded: March 2016


Greywatch is one of the Strongest Castles on the server , it is situated on the continent of Esteros , in the Donator Sea , which it controls , it overlooks Shipbreaker Bay.


The Castle Fortress of Greywatch started as a small house early in April 2016 . One year later , Greywatch had seen the most prosperous expansion since it was created , the small house soon became The Great Keep , the impenetrable main building of the castle , next the Rivertower was built , soon after followed the Port Keep and the Guard Tower , from a small house , Greywatch had become one of the mightiest castles in the pirate world . Later in it's life few houses were build near the castle , and a wall erected to protect them , starting with 6 small houses , Greywatch now has one of the biggest cities in the Pirate world and has become an important trading center. It has withstood attacks from TAS , repelled 11 Horses in God Armor using poor equipment and has yet to meet someone who can take the castle. The city has for a long time been the only light in the Elven Empire , while leaders were going inactive and leaving EM , Greywatch has been the only thing keeping EM alive , then with the coming back of Queen Reptaria and the barrage of bad decisions one after another taken by him , Greywatch declared it's independence and became a free city , subject to no-one's rule.