Eternal Empire of Hydra

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  • Like pretty much everyone

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The Eternal Empire of Hydra is a subversive organization and military power dedicated to global domination by means of force, surprise, espionage, sabotage, and assassination.

They also do kids' parties.


The crew Hydra, was formerly called 'Reich', due to the occupation of the name Hydra before it was formed. However, the previous Hydra, were somewhat offensive and shamefully abused the name Hyrda, and were eventually banned and fell into inactivity.

On March 25, 2016, dpex81 requested that their crew; Reich, could be renamed and replace the old 'Hydra' crew. This was due to a number of reasons, including members, but also the possible links the word 'Reich' has that are offensive, often being associated with Nazi Germany and the Nazi Party- something the members of the New Hydra were not at all like, and wished to distance themselves from that Hydra, and instead embrace the Hydra organization in the MARVEL Comics Universe, in which deception, spying, betrayal and secrecy all around- as well as a fear, which the server's Hydra has achieved in replicating, with sleeper agents most likely being present in every crew, due to the mass recruiting of agents in 2016.

The Hydra Citadel

They are well known for being cunning in their raiding, using often distractions to turn the interest of their target away from their valuables, this can be noted when Mystic_Titan965 was distracted with a 'puzzle' in which he and his fellow friend tried to solve, unbeknownst to them that they were having vaults stripped bare by Hydra and a (no longer a)sleeper agent. This way of raiding has made them notorious and feared by players, due to them often striking when least expected, and your closest friend turning against you- so much so it has been many times that players have (unsuccessfully) reported them for this saboteur behavior, even though it is well within the rules of the server.

Lap Dance

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Lap Dance the Dhow? I thought not. It's not a story the Asylum would tell you. It's a Hydra legend. Lap Dance was a Lapras, so powerful and so cute she could use the Force to influence the Cysteens to create distractions... She had such a knowledge of the cute side that she could even keep the U-boats she cared about from being stolen. The cute side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. She became so adorable... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her double chest, which eventually, of course, she did. Unfortunately, she taught Cysteen everything of adorableness, then Cysteen took her in her sleep. It's ironic she could save others from theft, but not herself.

The PorkIsAFruit Trade Initiative

Midway through the second coming of Hydra, a fool by the name of PorkIsAFruit came about harking to all who would listen that diamonds he did need. Generously acknowledging, in his time of need, P1ndr0p did answer, seek no further buddy, you have found me. Trading diamond for iron, more thought paid no mind, for P1ndr0p then scattered, being no longer bind. A moment a minute but barely a more, did PorkIsAFruit chatter, I've got diamonds galore. Baffled, befuddled, bewildered, and more, did P1ndr0p find an act to abhor. Hailing a vulcan, to aid in this chore, both doth hath plotwith,on their next score. Hatching and scheming, did they with ease, for soon Spock had offered a trade if he please. Trading iron for diamond, a transpose I'm sure, then did P1ndr0p arise out to slash at the whore. Quick as a cricket, he bashed at the boy, late did he wise up, the trade was a ploy. Wiped out with diamond and poetic allure, done was the battle, the spoils a lure. Angry no livid, cried out the boy, enraged was he now that his killers so coy. A pickaxe, the diamonds, the iron did they amass, now it was time to continue the plan. A trade did they offer, for much had they spare, come to warp trade said P1ndr0p if doth you dare. More iron in ingots in blocks did they plead, and desperately Pork oh blindly agreed. Half did transfer and half more 'accord, and still not was present his pick or his ore. Indignant and irate did he ever grow, but slowly accepted his solemn woe. So ware be yon reader for Hydra still yearns, for to pilfer your treasures does their spirit still burn.

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  • https:[This's here, so the link ain't blocked, copy and paste this, but without this part]// -Hydra goes bowling
  • https:[This's here, so the link ain't blocked, copy and paste this, but without this part]// -Hydra raids Mystic_Titan965 (warning, sad :( emotions)