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An old player from 2014 who left but returned in 2018. Also known by the usernames TheMrPnut, or Peanut_.



Ebrit1's adventure in this life began on a small island. With scarce supplies and even scarcer land to work with, he began working on the construction of an island outpost. The once desolate island took shape and turned into a mighty fortress. Or so it seemed to the naive ebrit1. Fate has a cruel way of correcting the errors one makes, and ebrit1 was no exception. He found that the world was no kind place to strangers, and that to survive you need to be strong of will and quick to learn. These lessons came frequently, forcing him to reevaluate his plans and process, but eventually he began to thrive. We can all agree that times of peace and prosperity are great, but there is one often overlooked negative aspect to such times. As this era of peace continued for ebrit1, he grew complacent and the days became filled with boredom and routine. As some do, he yearned for something new and exciting. This yearning grew until it seemed more urgent than anything else. Like many young people in the world he wanted to seek out his destiny. This led him away from the island he called home, and away from the world known by its inhabitants as PirateCraft.

The Return

Years passed, then Lady Fate beckoned once again to the young adventurer. Ebrit1 felt called back to this distant memory of a home. Filled with anticipation and excitement at the prospect of returning home, he decided to jump back into the world he had left behind with a fervor reminiscent of a time before life was full of responsibility and worries. Almost immediately upon arrival, the poor soul found that this was not the same place he had left behind. What he had once called home had been razed to the ground and taken over by a stranger. But who was he to call the other a stranger? Affter having been gone so long, did ebrit1 really have the right to lay claim to what he once knew and cherished? Wracked with guilt and the pain of loss, it seemed the young man's will was lost. But it was not over yet. If there is one thing all great adventurers have had throughout history, it is an indomitable spirit. Things are never perfect forever, but those who have the strength and willpower to continue fighting have a special gift. Sometimes misconstrued as sheer stupidity or plain old stubbornness, this spirit is truly a force to be reckoned with. Ebrit1 knew this and called upon what strength he had left. This led him on a journey which changed the course of his destiny forever.

Seeking Home

Remember earlier when we mentioned how an indomitable spirit is often seen as recklessness and a lack of wits? There may have been just as much of that in our young traveler as fighting spirit. You see, now that the place he called home was no longer even friendly towards him, ebrit1 was lost. And the lost tend to wander. Not to be an exception to the rule, this voyaging fool did the same. Many new kingdoms and cultures were seen on this journey to an unknown end, and it was an exciting (though dangerous) time! After crossing halfway through a perilous desert, for some god forsaken reason ebrit1 decided that his journey was over. He felt like he could call this place home, though there was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see. An odd choice to say the least, but the possible heat stroke victim was set in his resolve.

New Discoveries

It did not take long to discover that there was more than pure chance leading ebrit1 to the desert. Rather than establish a home or shelter, he immediately went into a mad fervor excavating sand in this desert he had settled into. Days and nights blended together while the restless soul, driven by some primal instinct, dug and dug. Teetering on the edge of exhaustion, his palms bleeding and covered with blisters, he saw the work of his toil. This was no mere desert. No, in fact this hardly seemed to be a desert at all anymore! What ebrit1 had revealed was the ruins of an ancient civilization from eons past. Fueled by a new passion, he continued his work and a month had passed before he knew it. This first phase of excavation was complete. Even with all the progress, ebrit1 could not rest. Something still called to him, and it was infuriating not knowing who or what it was. Against all better judgement, he delved into these forgotten ruins, not resurfacing for months.

The Return Pt. II

It is hard to say what had changed when ebrit1 returned to the known world. He still appeared the same and continued with life as he had before, but something was still very different. Whoever he had been before diving into the ruins was a vastly different ebrit1 than the one who returned. Some wondered whether he had found God. Others believed he had lost his mind. Perhaps both were partially the truth, but even more than that, there was a greater purpose now. Ebrit1 revealed himself as the last member of the Order of the Sun. A long forgotten sect of some religion that had only recently been rediscovered. Anger and indifference were the main reactions of the public to this revelation, but more than anything in his life, ebrit1 believed this to be the truth. As all obsessions do, the Order consumed most of the time ebrit1 spent. Learning everything he could, meditating on different teachings, whatever it was he was fully invested. Over time, however, he slowly rejoined society and continued with life.

To Be Continued

The next chapter has yet to be written.

Ruin Locations

To be published at a later date.

Business Ventures

Pnut Publishing Co.

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Ebrit Architecture Inc.

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Financial Advisor (Bankrupt)

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