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Date Joined: May 14, 2018
Crew: House Indoril
Rank: Gunner

Creeperman101 is a monkey of the city of Mithlond who holds an office, namely the mayor. He was one of the first inhabitants since the the foundation of Mithond and joined the Server at the 14th of May 2018. He is living in a usual house in the Center of the city at the coordinates: 1310 64 -120.

Official career:

After the disbanding of the monarchial constitution, he holded his office the first but not the last time. Now (16.03.2019) he is mayor the 2nd time and leads the city with SlowmotionTurbo, who is state secretary. Moreover he was newsreader of TV1, the public telestation and radio station.


If you have any questions or desires to Creeperman101, please write him a mail or message with /mail or /msg.