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 Crews are a simple way for people to group together. Once in a crew, your crew gets to have their very own private chat, crew message system (for members when they log in), and their own custom ranking. You also can track kills as a whole crew, declare rivalries, add allies, and more!

Creating Your Own Crew

 Creating a crew of your own is a simple process that merely requires you to type out:

/crew create (crew tag), (crew name).

 Crew names are limited between 2 and 5 characters, this acts as an abbreviated name for your crew; Giving a neater display in chat and future proofing if we decide to show crew names above heads or in the main chat. Full crew names can be written in the description of a crew which is shown in the /crew list.
 Creating the crew itself costs $10, but to verify it costs $100. Verified crews are capable of more than unverified crews are, so keep this in mind while you work on building up your starter crew. With a crew, you can talk to your members in the crew chat using /c at the start of each message, or you can toggle it by typing /c join or /c leave.

Alliances, Rivalries, And Wars

  You can ally or rival the many crews out there by typing the commands: 

/crew ally add (tag), /crew rival add (tag), or if they're rivaled already, /crew war start (tag).

  When allied with a crew, you can use the ally chat by typing /a at the start of a message. You can also toggle your ally chat using /ally join or /ally leave.


 Your crew's kill / death ratio is vital in determining what rank your crew is on the crew list. Some kills will give more points to the KDR than others will, while others will give less. This is determined by whether or not the player killed is an ally, a neutral, a rival, or at war with your crew when killed. The KDR of your crew will decrease whenever a member of your crew is killed. The KDR of your crew will not have an effect on the permissions you may use, so it functions merely for social standing with other players.


 Use /crew in-game to see the available options

/c <message> – Send a message to the crew

/crew create <name> – Create a new crew

/crew accept – Accept a crew invitation

/crew deny – Deny a crew invitation

/crew ignore [crew] – Add/remove/show crews ignored

/crew leave – Leave your crew

/crew members – Show the members list

/crew desc <description/remove> – Add/remove description

/crew motd <motd/remove> – Add/remove message of the day

/crew chat [on/off] – Toggle the crew chat

/crew list [page] – Show list crews online

/crew invite <player> – Invite a player to your crew

/crew kick <player> – Kick a player from your crew

/crew leader <player> – Promote to leader a crew player

List of Crews

 If you have a large crew, you can add it to the PirateCraft groups page