Children of Lupa

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The children of Lupa

The Children of Lupa (Lupa for short) are a group dedicated to the idea of self regulation without the need of a leader or a guide. The premise of the group is after the legend of Romulus and Remus, the first kings of Rome, that were rescued and sustained by a humble she-wolf named Lupa, the point of the crew is to create a group of leaders instead of a group of servants. This crew follows a set of tennants meant to make sure the group does not kill itself or allies and remains true to its goals, the tennants are, so far:

  1. I Do not attempt to control another sentient being
  2. II Do not murder thy Brother or Sister (Does not include self defense)
  3. III Do not bow to any but thyself
  4. IV Thy Brother's word is not law

In addition, there are no leaders, however there is a Colom, filter in latin, meant to banish any player who does not follow the tennants or otherwise distorts or goes against the purpose of the crew.