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Rules can change at any time, these rules were simply the most up to date when posted. Don't argue against staff decisions; staff word is final.

PirateMC Buildteam Book of Rules

(Article 1, rule 1 = 1.1; Article 3, rule 4 = 3.4 ect.)

All server rules must be followed by PirateMC Buildteam members; however, there are several more builder specific rules that one must keep in mind. By being part of the build team, you agree to follow all server rules and the rules added below.

§1 Rules, Bans, Kicks, Strikes and Demotions

1.1 All rules must be followed by all members of the PirateMC Buildteam. Not doing so will result in a penalty.

1.2 If a rule is broken, the team member who broke the rule will be penalized. The penalty will be according to the rule book which is accessible by all team members. If the crime committed by the member is of a severe kind, the Housewright will decide on a special penalty.

1.3 Bans are of permanent kind and the most severe punishment. If a member is being banned for breaking a rule, they will not have a chance of returning to the team. If the crime is of special kind, a server ban may be given in addition.

1.4 Kicks are not of a permanent kind. If the ex-team member is able to show he is able to work with other people again without breaking the rules, he/she will be brought back to the team. After a total of 4 kicks, they will be banned. Kicks are removed from one’s record one month from the day it was received

1.5 Strikes will be given to more harmless crimes. However, one should keep in mind that some crimes will lead to several strikes at once. If a team member reaches 3 strikes, they shall be demoted to the next level, and a team member will be kicked from the team if he/she accumulates 5 strikes. A strike will be removed from the members register after one month from the day it was received.

1.6 Permanent strikes will be given to more severe crimes and will not be removed from the members register at any given point. Asking the owner or the manager to remove a permanent strike will result in 1 strike. If a strike or permanent strike will be given out, it is to be decided by the GodsDead and/or Housewright.

1.7 Bans can only be given out by GodsDead. Kicks can be handed out by GodsDead and the Housewright. Strikes can be handed out by GodsDead, Housewright, and higher staff. Misusing one’s position will result in a strike and a demotion to the next lowest level in chain of command.

1.8 If a Team member has been observed to be unqualified for his/her rank, a demotion can be issued to a lower standing rank within the Chain of Command by the Housewright.

§2 Community Rules and Social Guidelines

2.1 Racist slurs, threatening, disrespecting (ideas/wishes included), or swearing at other team members or threatening other members is and will never be tolerated; be it in Skype, TS/Discord, or on the server. Breaking this rule will result in 1 strike. (the strike can, and will only, be handed out if the member has been told to stop several times, has been warned beforehand, and is intending on hurting an individual, because it’s fucking 2018 and everyone is offended by everything these days and we don’t want to discourage communication)

2.2 Stealing another team member’s creative/intellectual property is never tolerable. Breaking this rule will result in a ban from the team and server.

2.3 DDosing another team member is unacceptable at any point in time no matter what the reason might be. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban from the team and server.

2.4 Revealing another member’s private information without his or her permission is not tolerable, and you should keep in mind it is an actual crime. Breaking this rule will result in a kick from the team.

2.5 Sexual harassment or just harassment in general of another team member will not be tolerated and is unacceptable. You should be mature enough to know what is okay to show others. Breaking this rule will result in 2 strikes. (strikes will only be handed out if the member has been told to stop several times, has been warned beforehand, or is intending on hurting an individual)

2.6 PirateMC Buildteam members represent the team/staff as a whole, and must act accordingly and maturely, especially towards clients or partners. Breaking this rule will result in 1 strike.

2.7 If you are inactive for a long amount of time without notifying someone of rank (Housewright), you will be kicked. You can rejoin the team once you are back, but you will receive 1 strike that will go away after 1 month of activity.

2.8 Any conflicts between players will be kept in a private chat. You can bring the argument to the attention of a ranking member, but any and all conflicts that don't affect all members will be kept out of public chats and shall remain between players in private chat. If needed, you may bring in a ranking member to moderate said conflict. If it becomes a serious issue, then all members of the conflict will be required to submit to arbitration by a higher ranking member of the team.

§3 Server Usage

3.1 The build server is publically available; however, giving an outsider access to any of the builds without asking the Housewright for permission is breaking our trust in you. Breaking this rule will result in 4 Strikes.

3.2 Crashing the server using V/S or W/E on purpose is putting huge downtimes to our work. Breaking this rule will result in a kick. (crashing the server with huge builds is excluded from this...)

§4 Chain of Command

4.1 The PirateMC Buildteam is a place to encourage freedom and personal creativity, however in times of crises or hard decisions, a chain of command is there to keep law and order among us. Not following this chain when instructed to do so is breaking the foundations of this team. Breaking this rule will result in 1 strike and may result in a demotion.

4.2 The order of the Chain of Command within the PirateMC Buildteam is as followed:

  • GodsDead has power over everybody within the team. He can direct workers and give orders to everyone within the team. The owner is the only one who can promote or demote Housewrights.
  • The Housewright is the second highest member and can order everyone below him/her to do work and/or re-assign them to different tasks. Additionally, they are the only people allowed to promote/demote Craftsmen. The only person who can give them orders is GodsDead. They also act as a direct link between GodsDead and the Craftsmen. He/she will be given tasks to work on and divide them among Craftsmen.
  • Craftsmen are among the lowest members on the team. They can be given orders by everyone above them and may be penalized for not following a request by those outranking them.
  • Apprentices/Trainees are below everyone else on the team. They can be given orders from Craftsmen, and may be promoted to builders after a predetermined trial period.

4.3 All Ranks in order of command:

  • GodsDead
  • Housewright
  • Builders
  • Apprentices/Trainees