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ArtificialDemon was a long term PirateCraft player who was instrumental in the development and formation of crews like The Asylum. He was banned in January 2018.

He was well known for his building skills, in particular his base. The base was hidden somewhere on the map which only a few players know of its exact location. It is believed to be an incredibly extensive and labyrinthine dwelling of his, and filled to the brim with hordes of loot as well as mobs which stalk its halls.

The Ban[edit | edit source]

ArtificialDemon was known for his incredibly high activity on the server and presence in TeamSpeak. His rather peculiar character and his activities eventually became his downfall. ArtificialDemon created a fake X-Ray forum post and asked the staff and others to be banned. He could not quit by himself. It was a hard and complicated decision, but the staff decided unanimously to ban him for his own benefit.