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In-game Skin
Date Joined: 17 September 2019
Rank: Firstmate
Crew: ROME
Crew Rank: High Capal of Development and Construction

GoldenMoneyy is a player who joined in mid-September of 2019. He is an active player on the server and currently Firstmate rank. Golden is a member and leader of ROME, and has been in the crew for 11 months. In Rome, he serves as the High Capal of Development, overseeing all the construction and development throughout the empire. He also likes to dabble in pvp, sailing ships, and owning a store at the /warp shop.


GoldenMoneyy joined PirateCraft on September 17, 2019. On his first day on the server, he was invited to VISN, where he stayed for the next few days. Golden ended up making a base near the /warp east, and was attacked several times on his first week. During Golden's second week of the server, he was invited to ROME by CosmicKingSp00k. Golden was given a home in Pathere.

At this time, ROME was in the "Kaiser Era". ROME had just won the wars against SPQR and ESE, and most of the infamous "KingKaisers" were still active on the server. Kosmic (Cosmic), Karen (Awsed_Miner), Klaus (MileHighGaming), Khaos (The_PenguinGamer), Kactus (JoKing311), and Kiwi (BuffNut) were prominent members and leaders in ROME during this time. This would be the most prosperous time seen in ROME until several months later.

A few days into being in ROME, GoldenMoneyy was attacked and sieged by sj_brotherhood.