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Claim Protection using Grief Prevention

This prevents all forms of grief to claimed (protected) area’s, Each user starts with 100 block area to claim, you can automatically start a claim by putting down your first chest that creates a 6×6 protected area. Claim blocks are acquired over time just for playing (60 blocks for every hour played), as long as you appear to be actively playing the game, not idling. Inactive claims will be automatically deleted if a player has been inactive for a long period and hasn’t built or expanded on the plot since claimed. All claims are shown live on our map.

Chests are unlocked, so hide chests in hard to reach places inside claims so players cannot break in, For added security you can place a block on top of a chest to “Lock” it. To add, manage and delete claims please read through the brief description of the tool’s below and their corresponding commands, there is also a video demonstration embedded into this page.

The Golden Spade is used to create and resize claims to protect your home from griefers and thief’s by right clicking with it, players can steal from your chest’s so make sure to secure your buildings with a claim!

A Stick is used to investigate and visualize a claim by pointing at a location and right-clicking.

Grief Prevention Command List

/siege is used inside a claimed area to attack a player that’s hiding inside their house, weak blocks will be breakable in this attack.

/AbandonClaim to delete the claim your are standing in and own.

/Trust or /t is used for simple claim sharing, which gives another player permission to build in your claim.

/UnTrust or /ut to revoke any granted permissions to your claim.

/Untrust All Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.

/AccessTrust or /at grants access to ONLY buttons and switches. /PermissionTrust or /pt Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.

/ContainerTrust or /ct permits a player to access your claim and additionally open your containers (chests, etc) and use your crafting equipment

/SubdivideClaims or /sc Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims.

/BasicClaims or /bc Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.

/TrustList to see who has permission in your claim.

/trapped to escape from a claimed area you are trapped in

/giveclaim Allows player to give their claims to another player.

/BuyClaimBlocks or /BuyClaim Buy claim blocks using /balance server money

/SellClaimBlocks or /SellClaim Sell claim blocks for server money

/AbandonAllClaims to delete all your claims at once.


It is only possible to /siege another claimed land while they are in it, A siege lets you attack another users claimed land to loot and kill, during a siege soft blocks can be broken, these include: DIRT,GRASS,COBBLESTONE,GRAVEL,SAND,GLASS,THIN_GLASS,WOOD,WOOL,SNOW

While being sieged containers in the claimed area will be disabled and nobody will be able to build there, besieged players cannot toss items on the ground, or log out. So a player under siege must either wait it out, fight, or try to escape. Anyone may join in on the attacking side without even using the /siege command.

The siege ends if the attacker gives up and leaves the area (defender wins). It ends if the defender escapes (attacker wins) or one of the two dies or logs out. The defender hasn’t “escaped” until he’s both in an unprotected area and a reasonable distance away from the attacker. If a defender runs to another claim where he’s protected, the siege will extend to include that claim as well.

If the defending player loses, his doors unlock so that the victor can collect the loser’s drops, this means if your chests are not hidden or protected by strong blocks on top of them the attacker can loot your chests too. After a short time, any players who don’t have access to the claim will be ejected to discourage in-home camping. The attacker can’t siege that defender or his claim again for an hour.

This may seem like the attacker has the advantage, but a well-prepared defender can prepare not only an impenetrable build, but integrate useful strategic elements like drawbridges, arrow slits, one-way doors, secret escape routes, and lava pipelines. Further, the attacker is vulnerable to surprise attack by the defender’s allies, because in most cases the attacker will be out in the open.

Requests to remove claims

FYI: Automatic chest-based land claims which have not been expanded will be automatically deleted when the owner has been inactive for a day, this is due to new players joining the server, planting down their chest and then leaving the server, never to return.

Claim Conditions

An abandoned claim may be removed if (and only if) all those conditions are fulfilled:

  • The claim contains no remarkable/interesting/time-consuming (overground or underground) builds.
  • The claim owner has been off-line longer than 3 months.
  • The claim owner has played less than 10 hours on the server.

The only exception to those rules are claims that don’t respect the server rules (empty claims, offensive structures, claims used for pvp, …).


  • Empty claims can only be reported 15 days after creation (If they have not been automatically removed)
  • If a player has been banned or has left the server this does NOT change anything.
  • Requests made on other players behalf’s are instantly dismissed, You may think this is common sense, but the outrageous requests I have had recently have been “Playername said I could have this/that”.
  • Claims will not be removed so they can be looted, This will only happen for a mini events, Any requests for a “Server claim loot event” will be denied.
  • There will be no justification for denied requests.
  • Asking when a claim removal will be done will put your demand at the bottom of the to-do list.
  • Do not ask staff members (in-game or on the website) about claims removal.
  • Do not post anything else in this topic or abuse this process: it’s for building, not for looting.

Claim Removal Form

Please make all claim removal Requests on the forums in this Topic.