Joined: N/A
Rank: Quartermaster
Crew: Isengard
Position: Leader

I have gone by many names and many crews for many years now. You may know me as VladDracul, CountMonteCristo, SergieYaroslav, FatherAnderson, and lastly Agentk17.

Throughout the years I have jumped from crew to crew searching for one to call home, but none seemed to be what I desired. I decided then to make my own crew. Yes you are probably wondering what was the first crew I ever created. Well even I do not know. There were many crews and they were grand. From the first crew to the last I enjoyed them all. Some of them you may even recognize such crews as TFN short for The Fire Nation a crew that I made and ruled over many years ago. Also there were crews that were not as great or as long but were fun non the less. TERS The Empire of the Rising Sun was one such crew along with The Iron Empire, Black Sun Syndicate, The Russian Federations, Japan, and many others. I finally made a crew that I liked and decided to stay with. You probably guessed it. Isengard, or Isen for short.

I wasn't sure this would work out, but then I stumbled into 2 wonderful players Mab and Sgb both amazing players and great friends. I hope to see more like them as they truly bring this crew to life and are always there for Isengard.